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Why didn't Yang just side with Rhinehard and use it as an easier route for peace and unification?

Pre-2000s anime and manga thread, let's discuss the oldies.
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Because his men wouldn't approve and he didn't want to let them down.

Imagine spending your entire life fighting the oppression of the empire, only for your commander to go "lol nevermind, the war was pointless let's just join them"
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He also said he doesn't trust dictatorships, in that the current leader might be good, but the ones to follow are always shit
Because Yang was a firm believer in the merits of democracy.

Finally getting to the good stuff.
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When does the good stuff start?
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doremi guide v2.jpg
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At the end of the first season. Prepare for baby though.
Right on. I'm at episode 43 so I'll be there soon.

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Bake Pt 2 cover
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The updated VOFAN art is nice. I'm still not sold on the white block with the title.
>Suruga Monkey
>Nadeko Snake
Basically Surugamonogatari, about 70% of all this is focused on Kanbaru. Quite a bit of fun dialogue between her & Koyomi was cut out of the anime version.
Have they only released this and Kizu so far?

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What does /a/ think about Needless
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Where's that fucking promised sequel.
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The legend lives on.

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What did Tsumugi mean by this?
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It´s what all lolis hope.
Semen's like vitamins for lolis
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I shouldn't have started watching this
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Should have named it "One Room two Cocks"
Anime was a mistake
i don't get it

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Chapter dump with rough translation. Feel free to correct anything you think sounds weird or whatever.

>She left.
>Eh? We’re getting disbanded for real?

>She didn’t seem particularly angry, though.
>It didn’t wasn’t some harsh words she would’ve said without thinking either, it sounded like a true dissolution.

>A dissolution…
>A dissolution, right…
>Aah… It’s over, I guess.

>That’s kinda sad…
>Shouldn’t we celebrate the end of the club at a family restaurant or something like that?

>Even if we do it, it’ll probably feel lifeless. For some reason.

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>But in this situation… We made the right call, didn’t we… I mean, what were we supposed to do?
>In truth, there’s nothing more we can do…

>Let’s have a look at what Kurata wanted to do in order.
>First, her greatest goal was…

>To communicate with aliens and if possible, meet them…
>Well, at this point in time, the degree of difficulty is too high or rather, it’s unprecedented…

>The means she aimed to discover were humans’ hidden abilities. She would then use telepathy…
>To send a message to aliens…

>Or something like that.
>Um… I see…
>That’s impossible…

>That’s the President’s stuff…
>She was really influenced by all those occult books, heh~…

>Just by skimming through the table of contents… I totally understand how you could enjoy yourself reading all these crazy ideas, but…

>… I never touched those books either. They were always in my field of vision, but I never got the appeal.

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>Yeah, I never read them either, in the end.
>Kurata did, though. She read them a lot.

>Kurata was probably…
>much more serious about this than we thought…

>(Yeah… I wonder about that… Since she would pass quite the amount of time with us doing absolutely nothing…)
>W-well, if you say so…

>In any case, shall we read them?
>All the books around here…

>[And thus the winter break arrived.]

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>(Future career wish list

>Choice 1
>Choice 2
>Choice 3)


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Who's your favorite waifu so far this season? I'm leaning towards Megumin.
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lol i can't believe there are actually people who prefer Asuka to Rei
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I've been in love since I first saw Ursula in the first OVA...

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What's the better starting point? the chaos;head anime or the novel, also what's the link between all the ; works?.
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steins;gate chaos;head chaos;child and robotic;notes are in the same universe and share the same "bigger antagonist".
Ocultic;nine and anonymous;code are in a different universe.

Either way don't touch the chaos;head anime, it's terrible, while the vn is god tier.
>chaos;head anime
What anime?

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Calory queen
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She wants the big black coffee
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Made for /ss/
In real life she would be so fat.

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Tell me about Kanna, /a/. why is the end of her tail a big hairy ball? Should that thing be censored? Does this also mean that she's the only one in the Kobayashi Household that has some fucking balls?
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I want to lick kannas fat thighs.
>Not a trap
Gotta say. I am thoroughly surprised.

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was she autistic?
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Not at all, just an eccentric, melodramatic child with a vivid imagination. She is shown to be very proficient in terms of socialising with people.
No. Just red haired.
Was he a virgin?

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Is Ryuko edgy? Why or why not?
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"She's a super nice girl around the school but gets super angery and powerful when you hurt her nakama >:("
Not edgy
Not good either
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Moments of anger and distress sparked by some outside force do not make her edgy. Her natural disposition is to be nice.
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ryuko being edgy was just a meme from the start of the ironic-shitposting age of /v/

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Considering I'm getting them done soon, requesting Rina with the following piercings.
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Requesting Kanna using the Makankosappo/Special Beam Cannon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVckuF7E_mw
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requesting anything of Dark Magician + senketsu

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>ass expansion

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