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It is Chio time once more
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>Kabaddi senpai couldn't be hear to see this

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>that line continuing up from where her legs meet

Why was this allowed?
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this allowed meme needs to fucking die
New loli thread.
it's a hair on the surface of the water

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Wow, I start college in a few months.
Edward uses a circle in his last transmutation, contrasting what he has done through the series and mimicking what started the story in the first place.
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I cant remember what I was thinking, but I do know that I was watching this on Toonami with my brother on a Saturday night.

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Perfect harem MCs don't exis-
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At least you didn't post that nerd from that manga with a random end.
Yomeiro Choice's ending was perfect, fuck you.
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You meant to post this image right?

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So why do his friends hate him in season 2, is they were cool in season one? Also
How normie is this anime?
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He never said which demon was his father.
>Then satan
Season one end was anime original, they're ignoring that now.
Very normie.
If you read the manga you'd know why, basically he told them his father is Satan and now they are shunning him because of it. Also they had a hard time accepting Rin was a demon, because it's ironic that exorcists be friends with demons, especially ones related to Satan.

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Opinions on GX (anime and manga)?
As the first Yu-Gi-Oh spin off with a new cast, did you appreciate it when it first came out?

How do you rate it in comparison to the other spin off shows?

I'm going to be honest, I've never seen the shows after 5D's (heard they weren't that good), but I like GX a lot. 5D's is okay but the whole motorcycle angle just confuses the dueling "meat" of the show.
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>he has a problem with card games on motorcycles
anon plz, shit is pure kino.
turd detected
It may be a symptom of me watching as a kid, but I can't watch this show subbed. I must have some kind of mental disorder.

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I just finished Otorimonogatari. What the fuck is Snake's problem? I always knew she was worst girl, but holy fuck. How can one character worst girl so hard?

>voiced by KanaHana
Welp, that explains it
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I think you mean best girl.
just a retard who doesn't make sense, just like half of the girls in monogatari
>Best girl
>She's the epitome of "crawling in my skin"
>constantly says, "sorry sorry". Nah, she's the worst girl by far

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How can you not want to hug this girl and never let go? She is just too adorable.
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Satania a cute. CUTE
She's cute now but she'll be a sadistic demon lord when she grows up who tortures people for fun eternally. Gabriel should have smashed her skull in when she had the chance. Demons deserve no remorse, as they would never show any to humans.
I'm going to protect Satan.

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>Your Name [Blu-ray]
>This title will be released on October 30, 2017.
>Your Name [Blu-ray]
>This title will be released on October 30, 2017.
>Your Name [Blu-ray]
>This title will be released on October 30, 2017.
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>October 30
Fucking nips, what am I supossed to do with my life until then?
is that western release or JP
Why does it take so long? Guess I know what I'll be buying myself for Christmas

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Anyone interested in manga Tokiwa Kitareri? I'm looking for a translator from Japanese to English
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Hope you can find one, I really like Tokiwa despite the slow start(albeit not half as slow as Kenichi)

Good comedy and characters, also amazing art
Elf is best girl
I was thinking that was Renka, until I saw the disgusting knife ears. Didn't know there was a new manga by HSDK's author.

This bitch killed Luluco. She is a MURDERER.
I will never forgive her and you shouldn't either.
>there is a canonical psychopathic murderer in the cast of a CHILDREN'S show that is somehow supposed to be one of the good guys

What the fuck Japan. #JC lives matter, Luluco literally didn't do nothing
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She doesn't care
>children's show
Children's shows don't have lesbians.
Fuck off, back to Klendathu.

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At the beginning of the Cell saga, Kami tells Piccolo he's felt an evil presence growing on earth for the last 4 years. Why didn't he say anything until it was too late? If he had mentioned it when he originally felt it, they could have found Cell while he was still in his larval state and destroyed him, or put him on a rocket and shot him into the sun. The entire Cell saga could have been avoided if Kami had told somebody about feeling Cell's presence when it originally happened.
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something something alternate timelines something toriyma can't write
>coherent plot
Remember when King Kai said Planet Vegeta's guardian summoned a bunch of meteors to destroy the saiyans?

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door.
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The retard club's two blocks down.
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Date a live discussion thread
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Tohka best DAL.
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If only DAL threads were more common. Favourite anime IMO.

Also people who say they one watched DAL cause of Kurumi need to be curb stomped like the normie degenerates they are
Agree, I'm currently reading the LN's. Trust me it's alot better on text. Anime leaves some decently good bits out.

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Is this basically "/fit/ The Anime"?
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not with those shit as legs
No, but there's a literal /fit/ manga.
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No, /fit/ anime is Ani Tore.

This is more like Yahari meets Nisekoi.

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