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coffee flavored candy


candy flavored coffee
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I've never seen this show, is there more to it than just eyecandy girls?
more like S2 has shit designs
there's quite a bit of real candy as well

What is this, /a/? And why do I feel compelled to insert my erect penis into it?
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It's okay, OP you're not a faggot.
I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever seen that sentence on /a/.
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It's disgusting desu

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Shark Teeth, Fangs, Chompers.

Why are they so good?
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Her claws are far more sexual.
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Claws are pretty cute too

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>steamed potatoes with unsalted butter
Do they really expect me to believe that a girl would cream her panties over this?
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Sounds good to me. Simple, but good.
I was surprised Chef didn't use salted butter or add any salt.
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>food for two year olds
Really japan? You expect me to believe a male teenager would feel fulfilled by eating this shit?

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best girl.jpg
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Very simple thread.

She's making it impossible to enjoy xxxholic because i can't concentrate.
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Excellent taste.
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Yuuko-san ;_;

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Did Eren sex her when they got back to camp?
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Unless he imagined his penis was a spear and that Mikasa was a titan, no.
Annie is gross.
after that speech with the scarf? you bet they did

Hey /a/! What's your favourite show thus far this season?
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Teekyuu, obviously.
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koi to uso

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Can girls love girls when there's money involved?
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Yes, but if you would go gay for money it just means you were gay all along to being with.
Girls can love girls.

But can we all agree women can love girls and vice-versa?

Age-gap yuri is fucking disgusting. And I think most of /a/ agrees.
I don't know about age gap but there's criminally little size gap yuri. Hugging a little loli partner into a giant chest lifted in the air.

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She's looking directly at you, say something already anon!!
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worst sunshit
I want to force my pee pee into yuor vagoo-goo :^)
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I bet You injects marihuana.

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Would you?
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No but my man by the door is a freak
Would licking a foot be better with or without sock?
I even bark if she ask

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the best quips
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How can one girl be so stupid? I just don't get it.
Go to [s4s] and they will tell you.
best girl

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What would sex with these bitch be like?
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Like learning the english language.
Easy and necessary in order to join the modern world?
Cal, you've exhausted my mercy.

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Precure Thread
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Mana kissed Rikka!?
>Donut man

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What does /a/ thinks of rurouni kenshin?
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10/10 manga. Despite the ending not openly leaving any loose ends untied, and the recent one-shots, im optimistic for the coming sequel/continuation. One would hope that itll spur a proper anime adaption of at least the Jinchu arc, if not the entire series.
as a kid
>Kenshin is cool and all but I want him to hurry up and kill someone or at least show him killing in the Battousai days.

in college
>So the whole series is about Kenshin's retirement. The fact that he fought so hard in the revolution to usher in a peaceful era and wants to test out exactly how peaceful it is. Him hacking people with a sword is like if someone in your neighborhood where to shoot down people at random.

>Kenshin is the representation of Meiji era values and the question of whether or not it can move away from it's Sengoku/Edo period past. This makes Shishio a mush more effective villain for he represents the imperialistic parts of the Meiji era which will eventually rape China and Korea. Kenshin is a model of modern Japanese values and the tribulations it will go through.
I despise the series, the OVAs tho' are pieces that will transcend time (at least in the anime world)
And man, the OVAs OST are fucking amazing

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A last thread for these three. Many their ends be swift.
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>their ends
It's only halfway through the season, and the only way I see the geahs going for the kill is if one of them brutally murders Miku in front of Bikki.
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Doesn't have to be the geahs.
Tiki is used goods.

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