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Since a second season is now confirmed is there anything you're looking forward to?
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Lots of Ikaruga.

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You failed anon, just like the rest of us.
I laughed

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>they will change the weapon sound effects in the new anime and battles will never sound the same
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Why aren't 3d woman like this?
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Why aren't 3D men like this? So handsome.

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Also, go watch Cybersix.
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So what, he transforms into a woman as his super power? And why do they put white of the eyes for the side character and not the main one?
>he transforms into a woman as his super power?
Nah, just a reverse trap.
Because dot eyes are classy

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Because you're a literal faggot. You deserve AIDS.
He isnt, misato is you fucking mong

God i hate people like you

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>chuuni but serious at the same time
>edgy but knows when to be funny and viceversa
>time travels, infinite timelines and paradox stuff
>husbandos and waifus everywhere
>gacha mobile game that has almost everyone hooked into it
>funny memes
>wild, dangerous and violent fights/enviroment yet it would feel so cool to be inside it

Then some faggot comes and asks "Why is Fate so popular?" or "Overrated shit".
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I dont really know much about it, but I've always thought the idea was extremely cool. The only thing thats kind of bugged me is I dislike the "turn a male historical figure into a cute gril" thing Japan does all the time. It just seems like a tough and esoteric series to get into at this point and I dont have a lot of time to watch anime or a place to play the games or whatever they are.
Watched the anime because they're huge here but the dialogue is cringy as fuck. I imagine the games being torture.
Still an overrated shit.

You came to the wrong harbour
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What are you going to do? Dock in my harbor?
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JUST fuck my shit up fam.jpg
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*blinds you with supernatural beauty*
someone call Mulder

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Who's spoopier?
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did she getted milk in her hair?
Your self-criticism given female form is not that spoopy as long as you know your own weakness.

Now a cynic amazon who has the strength of 120000 men? Definitely not somebody you would want to meet alone in an inverted forest at night. Especially if you are a vulnerable feminine shota.
The best thing would be a cute tiny girl with the strength of 120000 men. I would love to meet her alone in an alleyway at night.

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Get fucked, meme shitter.
Reminder that Pipimi a shit and a whore.
wow rude

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Serious question: if killing people causes deadly drawback, why didn't they make a fatwa that says "akki are not humans anymore"?
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It works based on visual information, not conceptual.
Dropped the series after Squealer's first attack on the village or whatever. Did I miss anything worth watching?
Why in the world would you imagine that would help?

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The great debate.
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Shiki destroy that shit
Stop making powerlevel wank threads.

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Did we ever knew which studio animated the original FSN opening?

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me i animed the opening of fate stay night
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It's in the credits. Studio is Tatsunoko Production.
Support animation by TripleA (they do support for all the Fate animated stuff).

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How can anyone call this garbage good let alone a masterpiece, this shit was just pseudo politics and 2d war simulations. Go read War&Peace if you want actual politics and wars.
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You are a faggot
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You should watch Orguss from the same director. It is a very deep show with themes of responsibility. There is also very much shading which makes it look better than LoGH.

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Will stainlets ever recover?
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lol stainfags thought stain was gonna kill them all


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Strong assertive female characters are the best.
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I think she was the pinnacle, too bad she wasn't the main girl.
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Too bad they're so uncommon
>strong wymyn
Just like in my socialist utopia.

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