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So what exactly was the point of making King Arthur a loli?
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Bait aside. The idiots at Nadu were thinking with their dicks and ruined a perfectly good character and concept.

No one made a C92 thread yet today? Best fix that

Did you get everything you wanted?
Best scanned/digital release so far?
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i only care about the lewds desu
Kirino and Ruri will never be best friend
like /u/sual subtext character
any good futa this comiket?

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You will never forget about Satania.
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She's a seasonal waifu, of course you will
it is better to shy away from these threads for a while
Why's that?

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Why is Tamako so shit? She ruined the whole market!
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>Tamako is the boke
She has everything.
I want to buy a brown loli on the loli market
I miss her.

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BRA a cute.
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Armin is for ___.
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We know Zeke screams everynight and Pieck has to calm down till he sleeps again.

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What's with his face?
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japanese equivalent of DSL
Head looking down. Cheeks and lips puffed. Ruru's pouting and she deserved more doujins.

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Would you watch a modern-day comedy spin-off of SEL? I think it would be funny. I would like it.
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Please do not post this sacrilege.
Lain deserved better than this
No fun fags.

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Today is Lion's birthday. Wish her a good one /a/!
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I heard there won't be an episode today.
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What? That can't be true.
Network events. It has happened to too many shows I am following this season.

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What is /a/'s opinion of Aku no Hara? (Both the manga and the anime.)
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I liked the manga. I didn't watch more than the first two episodes of the JDrama because it's not an anime.
On a scale of Moot to Tsar Nicholas how cucked is this MC?
Aku no Hana was good, But the manga was better

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Was gyaru a mistake?
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yes, it came far too late
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here's his first part the second part isn't out yet. Don't bother looking up anything else he has done it's all guro and cannibalism

This show is doing something to me.
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And what would that be?
I was already a lolicon, so I am just embracing it.
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I know how you feel, anon.

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>draw a pussy
>call it an armpit
Why do they keep doing this?
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Looks nothing like the official anime
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I wish the anime looked like that.

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I'll just leave this here
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cute frog you have there

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Lets have one of these threads

template in comments!
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Learn to use the catalog.
my bad

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I don't know anymore guys. I just feel connected to everyone in Konosuba. It feels like I'm just chilling and hanging around with some friends at school. Even for those I dislike (Aqua for example), I will still love them to death in a friendly way. Megumin is different though. I really just love her, I can't explain it. I am not a lolicon, quite the opposite actually but Megumin somehow grabs my attention so hard. I really just love her as a person is what I assume is going on. I always have dreams of being her husband. Even if I always want sex, I can imagine myself not having sex with her constantly and just being a happy family with some children if that's whats going on. This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me. Even if I don't dream, I can imagine myself sitting on the same wooden bench as her as we gaze at the beautiful ocean.
P.S: This is not a joke
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how does it make you feel knowing I've fapped to her like six times?
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>shitty OP pic
Fuck off.
How come Konofags are the worst among /a/? What makes konofags so retarded and annoying?

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