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Aren't japanese people suppose to respect this type of thing?
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Well first of all, although I don't know what this is from, it clearly looks like a drama of some sort. In dramas people's bad nature tnds to be magnified.

Second of all there are a lot of bitter people out there in the world.

>Aren't japanese people suppose to respect this type of thing?
That's a huge generalization of a populace. Where did you get that idea? That's like saying all Americans are overweight. And while yes two thirds of them are, that doesn't count for every last single one of them.
>And while yes two thirds of them are
Jesus fucking christ that many?
What type of thing?

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Find a flaw
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naruto is miles better lol
David Productions
Pointless filler

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new season when?
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I just watched both seasons and what the fuck was that ending? Rushed as hell.
"Gun girl, turn into a gun and kill Chaika."
"no thx."
the she goes to chaika and lets chaika nuke the final boss for no reason.
That had to be the shittiest ending I've ever seen in my life.
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Just go watch the better version.
Scrapped Princess was ass with an ending just as unfulfilling. But at least Chaika had the benefit of being entertaining up until that point. The difference in quality is high. Can't believe they were by the same guy.

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what a creative thread
HxHfag detected

Read a good manga like one piece
What's the context for this meme, anyway?

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What is this archetype called? Flirty science onee-san?
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Lethargic Titty Scientist is what I like to call it. They don't necessarily have to be scientists to fall into this category.
The one in the left is bi.
I miss TMG

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So lately I've been watching/reading Bakuman, and every time Shirotari appears my heart feels funny, w-what does this mean?
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Yes but don't be ashamed, Shun is CUTE!
I just looked him up on the wikia but I don't remember this character at all.
Not really, boys aren't like that in real life. Liking 2d boys isn't gay.

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Lesbian witches no dorks?
I don't get why everyone onestars his galleries. Call me old school but I would rather low-res scans than none at all
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dumb furfagposter
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You have shit taste desu.png
3MB, 1920x1080px

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Why didn't he just kill Lelouch?
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Because he loves his son.
he is a good father
It's like you didn't watch the show.

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Carol's about to get the cane
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Hahaha, I get it!
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Another setup page
Misuzu is asking famalam for a lunch date to talk.

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>mc and heroine are osananajimi
>heroine got stolen by scumbag antagonist
>banquet of despair
>mc goes mad and want to kill the antagonist
>he received power from loli goddess
>proceed to battle with antagonist
>antagonist lose
>mc chose not to kill him and let him have his heroine
>mc chose loli goddess and live happily ever after in some unknown mountain
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I remember watching something like this, but i forgot the name of it, could've been a manga too, though.
sounds like a fun ride to me. is this real?
OP here. Its actually an eroge i just finish couple hours ago.

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>VIZ Media has acquired Mr. Osomatsu Season 1 and 2! Season 2 simulcast streaming begins October 2017! SHEEEH!!! #Otakon2017

I hope you guys are ready for Season 2 and a dub.
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Here is the source

I'm surprised it didn't get licensed sooner considering its popularity in the states.
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Really? I didn't really get the impression because outside twitter and maybe tumblr I hardly saw anyone bring it up. Of course Japan loves the shit out of it. Maybe the dub might bring in more people depending how well its done. Which I have very little hope for.

What the fuck. Did she really think she could fly or what?
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Its an allegory for the D destroying the yuri-dreams.
Manga only fag here, in the manga she dies of an overdose, possibly suicide, always wondered why they changed it
Still need to watch they anime, heard it develops the characters better since it's way longer

Be sure to watch the 1080p version, top tier Dezaki.

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Who are some anime characters that are canonically sex positive (slut)?
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ur mom
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what a clever contribution to the discussion!
thanks anon
Mika is the pure gyaru cliche, what are you on about?

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>anime delinquent girls in your path
what to do?
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Pulverize them with my dick
beat up the ugly brit
They missed a prime opportunity to have alice acting like a chav

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