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Captain Falcon Anime when?
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are you joking?
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it meant another F-Zero anime.
I was wondering because I was just listening to The Meaning of Truth (as I do every day of my life), and I was genuinely flabbergasted at the idea that someone might not know about it.

Why didn't he challenge Cell?
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Did they ever reveal who was behind the beard?
Jackie Chun
He probably died of old age

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Is Rem and Ram, Kohaku and Hisui done right?
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Nah, Rem is like Hisui.

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No, they'll never hold a candle to true meidos
Ram is underrated unlike the others.

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Everyone love them!
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They are dykes,
Anal sex with Barbara.

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tanoshii desu ke
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Miyazaki's new kino or Eva 4.0, what will come out first?
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Fuck off, crossboarding cancer.
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Miyazaki releases kino quite often. I would wager on him.
get out of /a/ r*t*rd

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Anon would please Erika without even getting any money.

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Posting Best seacat
Any WTC5 news?
I'm not gay, so there's no chance of that happening
Next year

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Who is your favorite anime boy (female)? For me it's Kobayashi, the best maid dragon.
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Kino. Also why are reverse traps so great. I can't put my finger on it.

inb4 you're a fag
Stop lewding my waifu pls
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>favorite anime boy
>no dick: check
>no balls: check
>boobs: check
>crotch: check

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Caulifla does not have any romantic interest for Goku
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Join me Jiren, you take el grande padre I take Zeno.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

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>seal a vampire loli
>don't turn her into your sex slave instead

Honestly...what was he thinking? It's a total waste to put a vampire loli in a block of stone and just leave her there. Vampire loliss are meant to be used.
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She was to be the next vessel of the asshole god that's trying to eat the fucking planet.
I dont see the problem, so you make her a sex slave in the meantime.
just read the damn thing, you don't know anything.

Emilia did nothing wrong.
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More like did nothing
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Emilia is super cute.

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Is MASAMUNE SHIROW the true king of a rigth now?
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no thx
One piece swimsuits are always a good thing but these characters look awful what a going on here
>itt: ESL, plebeians, and newfags

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>That episode where a child molester tries to groom and molest Dekomori and instead of immediately calling the police Shinka has an imagination battle with the child molester and the only reason the child molester gives up is because she finds out Dekomori has already kissed somebody and thus isn't pure enough to be her victim
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Which episode was that?
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Season 2
Season 2 episode 8

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I just finished this and it was pretty good (10/10 soundtrack at the very least), but it seemed to introduce a lot of interesting elements while only superficially exploring them. Does the manga go deeper into alchemy/history/politics/religion/the 10000 side characters/etc.?

Some other questions:

Why did Edward care so much about getting his limbs back? The prosthetics seemed to be very effective and useful, while he could still jerk off with the other hand anyway.
What was so wrath-y about Bradley?
Was lil' babby Selim still a homunculus? Did he retain his memories?
Is the movie worth watching?
Why the fuck is it called Brotherhood.
I know they are brothers but that is not a major theme in the anime, not more than any other work of fiction with brothers in it
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Automail hurts and the japanese put a much higher emphasis on keeping the body/soul intact than we do, so having Automail would be something inherently wrong and a thing to be fixed regardless of how good it is.
Wrath took his rage out on Ishval.
They don't know if nu-Selim is a homunculus but they've agreed to kill him the moment he shows any indication of being so.
Movies are shit.

it would have had to be longer to get into that stuff since they tried to do a lot of character building with tons of side characters while still fitting in some action with a bit of mystery

honestly I wish Ed had kept his alchemy, I want to see what Drachma and Xing looks like as well as the rest of the FMA world.

keep Envy alive and in Xing
Prides still in Central
maybe something else sinister in another country
Or some of the evil scientists who made philosophers stones survived

"The Heroic Legend of Arslan" is kind of lame, another FMA story would have been amazing, perhaps with a timeskip, Eds kid is older

basically they wrapped up everything in a neat bow at the end, but a few loose ends would have been nice just to leave the possibility of a sequel open, since all we saw was Amestris
>Wrath took his rage out on Ishval.
Did he? That was necessary for the sacrifice thing, wasn't it?
I thought he'd have a character reveal moment by the end, like Envy did; just break loose and become totally PISSED
Instead he was just bitter and grumpy all the time. Can't say I hated the character but if I didn't know which of the 7 sins he was I don't know if I would guess correctly.

Wouldn't Drachma be like really cold? It's a huge landmass north of Briggs which itself was portrayed as having very harsh weather.
Speaking of which, what's with the country names? Drachma is a monetary unit, Xerxes and Amestris were historical people. Sounds a bit lazy and it's distracting when you know this.

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> when you commit suicide so you can support your love interest NTR you and then go to his place to cry in his shower
Anyone still watching this?
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swampman ntr, ntr to the next level
Picked up.
Yes. Soma suffering is not nice, but she literally looked for it.

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