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Wot in tarnation
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is that Tomoko?
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

I did it once when i was younger.

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How is this selling worse than gochiusa?
Worse characters and shit setting.
This show is bad for both my heart and my dick. Just seeing the subs pop up gives me a stiffy before I even start watching because I know what I'm in for.

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i usuLL< LOVE funny energetic tomboys. then what is it about fuukathat i dont like?

come on i'm sure there are many other tomboyfags that hate her as well
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main girl effect probably
Please, speak English.
The Suzuka genes, she was the worst heroine ever.

Post mashups.

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Eh,fuck it, why not.

Eminem goes usually well in mashups.
I didn't know Iduru Master had a show
The first time I saw that I knew Shiwasu was confirmed for a bro. Probably one of the greatest 3D things of all time.

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D-Don't open it!
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Okay, I won't.
Wait is that Chomunske?

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so this is gonna be the same joke for all 12 episodes long huh
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every night until kobayashi swallows that dragon's meat
why does she want her to eat her tail? will she get preggo?
Bad Dragon: The Anime.

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what the best way to keep track of manga you read?
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Your collection.
right now im using baka updates, lets me know if there are new chapters and stuff

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What are some good old rage beat downs where people lose control?
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angry man biting clitoris.jpg
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Anon please
What's wrong with it? It's the best

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Do anime-only watchers even like this little shit?
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No one does. Do manga readers like him?
I want to incinerate him with blue fire.

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Kino and I got something in the mail!
Now, what could it be?
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A dildo shaped like a motorbike grip?
Your I9. It's tax season.
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Some kind of book...doesn't look like a copy of one of the LN entries, though. Too thin for that.

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rahxephon banner.jpg
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I just watched this show, and honestly I thought it was pretty good. It was kind of like Eva, with a less bitchy MC.
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I didn't like it very much. It was a bit boring, and it was too deep, I didn't understand much.
Yes it was just as shit as Eva.

Literally too deep for you? Holy shit, you must have really hated Eva.

I'm going to put my gaijin penis inside of Chiya!
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I'm going to curse the gochiusa fandom into becoming a circlejerk that makes constant general threads or turns other gochiusa threads into generals!
I'd like some more kafuu chino.

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Does this stupid mascot thing ever fuck off? It's ear-destroying voice is making me unable to find this series "comfy" at all.
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Yeah I can't stand him either. I got to the episode where he runs away (I think it was episode 8) and spends 20 minutes dicking around in the city before dropping it. I also don't like how they found it necessary to draw his asshole.
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This is the worst Aria thread I've ever seen.
I made worse.

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So, if flat chest is superior and perfect and delicious why is every flat girl so fucking mad and envious about boobs?
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It's part of the appeal for some people.
for the same reason youre butthurt about your babby-sized dick
Everyone's envious about things they don't have, even though they're inferior to what they have now.

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