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I want to protect her smile.jpg
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Find a flaw.
(Pro tip you can't.)
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Don't date stalkers.
sex must be a cold experience
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When will the anime for part 5 of Jojo be released?

>nothing on google
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If we're lucky, never.
Part 5 is boring, Giorno's little scrawny gangster team sucks.
gives us time to move from david to mad house so it doesnt look like shit anymore
There's a Jojo event happening next month so there's a chance we might get a teaser but if not we'd get a teaser probably some time around Spring or Summer and we'd get it on Summer or Fall depending on when the teaser was announced.

Literally who is the target audience for this show?
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Why aren't there more omnipandering series?
Did this sell that bad?
We just had Show By Rock S2

You are right about the sales bit though

This fight was the pinnacle of the series. Prove me wrong.
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I can't, you're completely correct.
i had to stop and realize that's not ssj god goku
man the new forms suck ass
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pic related was better

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subaru from re zero.jpg
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>no re zero ep today
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this meme is old and tired, let it die
Learn how to type, ape.
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>we will never live the time that re zero took over the board again

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Today is Taku Iwasaki's birthday, he turned 49. Let's celebrate to the 50+ scores he's done so far, from Kenshin to ROD to TTGL to Katanagatari to Gatchaman and beyond. With an incredible range of styles, I don't think there's anyone else out there other than maybe Yoko Kanno who has made as much memorable music.

His recent work for Stray Dogs S2 was by far the best soundtrack of 2016. After all these years the man still has it.

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Huh, and so it is. He's made many reading sessions of mine very pleasant.

He did some great work in MLA.

I like how eclectic his work is. Sometimes he's doing a war movie score, then he goes full WUB WUB

And then remember how he was cockblocked by whiny ackbars

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download (18).jpg
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You have ten seconds to name a better shonen power that is better executed

Pro tip

you can't
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The power of QUALITY?
I must admit, that is fearsome indeed.
Where did you get this picture of my best friend?
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Is this a misunderstood masterpiece?
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More like garbage like everything trigger does
How was it garbage?
It was a disappointment for me. For me it was Blue-balls: The Anime.

I felt like it was building up to something, but then the "reveal" came out, which was what was totally expected from episode one, and I thought "ok, now here's where it's going to get good" and then I found out it was the last episode and it ended.

My overwhelming feeling about the show can be summed up with "Wait, that was it?"

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So which form is stronger?
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Blue. Delete this shitty thread
nah fuck ya
Red is better but blue is "stronger"
Red has god ki and god abilities like instant regen from mortal wounds
Blue is the god ki focused for combat. You lose all the other buffs though

All he wants is to eat, sleep and have fun.
He is jobless and is never down on spirits for being a NEET.
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I now realized I'm literally Goku. I train my whole day while being a NEET. I'm ok with this.
He didn't have to work because of the money he won from the martial arts tournament, and how the fuck is traveling the world, training, and defending the Earth make him lazy?
If he had all this money. Then why was he working part time as a security guard?

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>strongest human on the planet
>hurt by mere bullets
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hey man it's hard to train the underside of your upper arm
Dragon Ball Super was a mistake, and you can't deny it. It's just as bad as GT, within the same fan fiction realm of story telling.

Yet the ultimate sad part of this has been fan fiction writers that wrote better hypothetical continuation plots of this series.
So is it canon that Launch was using rubber bullets or something?

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moon runes.png
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2ch made their own version of the tool used to decode runes.

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their version

Alphabet → Luna character

Luna character → alphabet
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We're ready for Episode 3 then.
>tfw more runes to possibly to decode

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>this is a 9/10 in Brazil
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But we're all niggers here.
I wish there were cute girls like that here to be honest

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Genuinely retarded or very dedicated troll?
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Genuinely a dedicated cum slut.
She literally only cares about the snacks.
She's just a whore that wants to please somebody her own age instead of older men for a change.

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