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Did they make the rebuild Asuka (Shikinami), a canon lesbian? Inquiring mind wants to know...
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no she isnt.

the thing of her being a lesbo came up on a fucking doujin and people seriously took it seriously and went with it.

this is how retarded the fanbase in anime can be.
So this Mari X Asuka thing is just tumblr being their usually idiotic self?
Just because Shinji became gay doesn't mean everyone else did

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What the fuck was her problem?
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She couldn't wake up

Full release includes the last PD.

I actually liked the whole series despite its detractors.
It was fun.
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Reina > Mai > Koito > Kurumi > shit > Ruru

Let's have one of those.
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ajin WEG.png
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It was great.

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I like both
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Super < GT
what did gt stand for?

why was this guy a villain again? Why would you not want to live in an ideal world?
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Because something something "it's not normal" blah blah "well-meaning but radical motives" uhhhhhhhh "Naruto needs someone to fight so he can be the hero".

Also, which Madara are you talking about?
Because that would remove free will, and yknow how the Japs are about muh freedom and perseverance.

>they talk alot about it, but never practice what they preach.
Which Madara Uchiha do you mean?

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this is what an ultimate soldier looks like in Japan
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That rig looks like it'd get caught on the vest pouches of you tried to bring it ready in a hurry.
that's what you notice? Not the skirt?
>he doesn't wear a tactical kilt

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>School setting
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>green text thread
>can't even write his green text correctly
I like highschool settings as much as the next guy, but my God, are Japs obsessed with this setting. It's literally 80% of seasonal anime these days.
Akko is cute! CUTE!

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Just started watching pic related this week, at ep6 now. I'm enjoying it but what is this bitch's problem? Teasing, leading-on, and being an all around scummy slut.

Also why do I never see anything about it here on /a/? Seems good so far and I'm really surprised by the animation keeping up even well into the first half of the first cour, much better animated than I expected. Does it become considerably worse later?
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It becomes GOAT with the five episodes discussion. The second cour is considerable worse though. Still worth watching.
I know I greatly enjoyed it but also cannot remember anything that happened, so that says a lot.
Yeah the animation is pretty great, consistent too (well relative to most anime anyway).

Yo, /a/ just bought Robotech Macross saga for 10 bucks from my local flea market, what the fuck should I expect. Don't know much other than its 3 animes put together.
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Focker dies
Misa wins
if you need a dub get this

It's that time again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our finest UNTZ DJs!

- Link is in the pastebin -

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Is there anything that makes you auto drop a series?

Awful art does it for me.
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read "the world is mine" then
Yeah I can't stand awful art.

Though Dorehedoro was good enough for the bad art not to matter so much.
This isn't something that makes me drop but
>fucking rad cover art
>check tabs
>it's vietnamese and therefore automatically shit

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Gintama620 (1).png
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Manga chapter 620 is out.
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Gintama620 (2).png
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Gintama620 (3).png
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Gintama620 (4).png
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Holy shit, this is a whole new level of creepy pathetic self-insert pandering.
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Your new is showing.
>tfw really liked this episode to the point I left it on a loop and rewatched/listened to it for an hour or so
It's a shame that it'll going to end soon. She'll be the best won't she?
still less cringy than the chuuni superpower self inserts.

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You like trains?
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Red is best train

>tfw we will never see her nipples
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rail wars2.jpg
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This show was retarded and I miss it dearly
>These hips
>these thighs
I don't know who this girl is, but boy, my dick sure wants her.

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