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ITT: anime ideas based on other real-life media/your own vision

>Das Boot but with aryan lolis
>ywn sail in the Atlantic in a U-boat full of cute anime girls
>ywn share a bunk with Herr Lieutenant-chan
>ywn rush down screaming "Alarm!" making all lolis rush to torpedoes and jump on each other
>ywn celebrate victory with them listening to Josephine Baker and drinking apple juice
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>Cute girls in victorian-era british colonial army suppressing zulu and hottentot uprisings (role enacted by cute brown girls) in deepest, darkest Africa.
I just want to see them in the uniforms.
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>Cute girls doing cute things in middle east
>gore and dark reality by eyes of the narrator
>cute and warm fantasy by eyes of a lolis on drugs etc
>human trafficing, arm dealing, war, assasinations done by underaged girls who lost all conections with reallity
This would be great if Japan had a clue about anything outside of Japan.

Slowpoke here.
I still can't believe he picked Crab over her. Their small talks are also more interesting than crab banter at bake.
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It's almost as if Arararagi is his own character and not a self insert for you.
Kizu was written after Bake so she had to lose.
It's not like Araragi was made to be a self insert.

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Demi-chan really surprised me
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More Hikari needed.
Is this show subtly implying that megane aren't sexually attractive? Because I completely agree, fuck megane.
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More echoes

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Our Guy.png
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Tell me /a/, is this our guy?
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He's /fit/ guy
But hes not gay?
>i'm literally the MC of his show

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Did he die?
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he's gonna destroy Garou
>did he die?
WDM? Yes, like a bitch.
I dont know

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How would /a/ like to see Evangelion fixed? If Anno got hit by a truck and a new studio promised to "do it right" what does /a/ want to see?
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Eva without Anno isn't Eva.
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NGE is fine and doesn't need "fixing". If you want to see it watered down and made more accessible go watch the shitty rebuilds.
I'm talking about the Rebuilds. Anno fucked up HARD.
>Yay! Let's go to watch it!
>5min later....
>walk out of theater.
>Godzilla Resurgence.
>Sees Godzilla model.
It looked like someone took a Godzilla suit and burned it.

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Let's talk about this great fantasy/food series

Pic related best girl
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>no new Dungeon Meshi this month
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This guy? Yeah he's pretty cool
All I see there is Chilchack and some disgusting abomination. Where's the girl?

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This is your pillow for tonight
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Sorry, but I don't recognize the legitimacy of any non-Kiriha Tsugu girls.
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bad 4 u
I don't get it , she seems nice.

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>nothng but one limb remaining
>Erza will stop the meteor
>probably going to hop on her right hand and behead Eileen

I have up taking FT seriously years ago, but this retardation still makes me by bloood boil
It's literally paying homage to Dragon Ball, what's wrong with that?

Erza is one of the strongest characters in the FT world, it is not so far fetched for her to cut a meteor in half.
>It's literally paying homage to Dragon Ball
It is?

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what race is he?
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japanese, his hair and tanned skin is a result of overheating his magic circuts

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Who's hyped for Goemon's first solo movie?
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I really hope it plays in my local theatres
Where do I start with Lupin III's movies? What are the good ones/ones to avoid
Most of them have something about them worth seeing, but almost all of them follow the Castle of Cagliostro formula.

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You said episode 2 was bad, but it was even better than the first.

Crime, drama and samurai. Why aren't more people talking about this?
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This is an anime for men.
Of course /a/ doesn't watch it. There's no ice skating or moe lolis.
It was terrible dude.
>oh no Im just a poor woman woe is me I did nuthing wrong
And the guy cries at the end instead of being happy that he dodged a bullet with that stupid bitch
Pissed me the fuck off so much
>whore is just victimizing herself for sympathy

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What will happen to kana /a/?
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Raped I hope
After what they did to the imouto this shit can just burn in a corner.
They didn't do anything everyone in this is literally fucked in the head. It's a common theme with the author.

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Let's have a bakabt thread for old times sake.
Let's see what hidden gems you can find
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Isn't everything there DCMAed these days?

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Hoto Cocoa
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Sly Cocoa
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Bumpkin Cocoa
Cow Cocoa

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