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Can Croissants be sexy or does it just feel off?
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Croissant isn't sexy at all. She has no sex appeal unlike Nakano.
She's a croissant that yet has to develop. What's a real problem is Nakamura who explicitly wants Hayato to fuck her friend.
he's the worst
if he doesn't want croissant I'll gladly take her

Do you just hate it when an anime is heading to the direction of your prediction? What a waste. I bet his "revenge" will backfire and will end up them being a couple. Oh well what was i expecting for a Harem anime.
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Aki a shit. A SHIT.

Neko a best. A BEST.
Whether you like it or not, he's not gonna end up with her. Why do better girls lose?
He dies.

>be best girl
>get killed
Nice shit taste, Japan.
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She's worst girl
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Yeah I hated it when Mukuro died.

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do you like drama?
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hell yes i live for the drama
anohana made me cry like a bitch. literally a 10/10
Drama is great as long as it isn't "look at this cute perfect girl, well, guess what, she has a CANCER and so she's DYING."

Will this be like with Amagami? Using the absolute best girl for the first arc so that all the others feel like shit in comparison? I couldn't even finish Amagami because no one could match Haruka sempai.
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>implying Ayatsuji-san is not the best Amagami

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In this batch of episodes, the hero is introduced, best girl does bondage, and the edgiest man in anime history appears.
Disclaimer: These are scrubs of older fan subs from various different groups. Some inconsistency in terminology and naming is to be expected. I've done my best to smooth out the translation, and fix the Dub localization that were present in a lot of them.

MEGA: https://mega nz/#F!b84kARKQ!q45iftEsQjoSbauK1U2Aww

If I missed anything, please tell me so I can fix it in the v2.
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Unfortunately, the BDs are upscaled, but it's still leagues better than the current English version.
I've been meaning to (re)watch this, thank you.
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I'm gonna be doing the rest too, although the available subs appear to go to shit during the 12 Houses.

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You faggots told me it would be a short break.
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How long is it?
heh, your going to carry that hiatus.
This arc could actually be really good if Togashi ever picks it up again.

Who is the best Yuru and why is it Ayano?

S4 when?
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I want to feel her breasts.
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Happy .jpg
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I only want S4 if it's by Dogakobo, to see the old designs back and the Yuri's on form again would probably bring tears to my eyes.
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She's the type of character you root for as she previously fumbles her way through trying to address her feelings
Prime daughter material..

Nevar forget
He will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.
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Do they fuq?
Ugliest mech

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What are your thoughts on Hanako Oomuro, the cute eight-year-old girl from Yuru Yuri?
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i fuked her
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She's cute. That's all.
I want to impregnate her.

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What this did wrong?
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Nothing, the Chinese waifus made it better than 2003
Nothing, it was perfect.
It is a masterpiece

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Umaru thread? Umaru thread.
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10m soon
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Thread died for some reason
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Thank god it's not shitty ss.
Why the fuck is this not /ss/
Mods are being pissy fucks as per usual.

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What does /a/ think of best waifu this season?
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I think Satania is great
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Tooru is a cute dragonwaifu indeed. Kanna completes the whole package by being daughter of the season.

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Why did this romance work?
Why did Mitsuha fell in love with Taki
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They're bounded by string of fate.
Think of bodyswapping as the ultimate form of connection and skinship. You couldn't be any closer to each other than this. Taki also has everything she yearned for, not being bound by tradition and birthplace. When judging from his environments, he isn't a bad person and has a good look.
>Why did Mitsuha fell in love with Taki

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