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Thoughts? Just saw this on Tsutaya's rankings and decided to read volume one. It was pretty funny and the girl is cute as fuck. It's pretty easy to read too.
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Hurts my heart

Honestly can't tell if the target demographic is men or women
Personally, I think it's both. Especially for women who likes older guys.
I love it, OP. I own 3 of the volumes and I'm always ready to buy more.

I think it must be this as well.

What was close? Was she about to succ him?
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she almost bump into him
and probably she's afraid of males
You will never be her neighbor and have wild lewd dreams every night.
If she bumped into him he would probably rape her. And it would be her fault. It's kinda bizarre when you think about it, like the curse of Midas.

Should I watch the rebuilds? I've only seen the original series, DaR and EoE. I'm afraid my based understanding of Eva might be tai tainted.
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No, they're just a shitty sequel
It's really up to you. The original and EoE in my opinion are satisfying enough. Just go into the rebuilds thinking it's a retarded fanfiction cranked up 110% when you get into the third movie.
Did you like the original series and want to see a different, yet pretty looking interpretation? Then go for it. If not, then don't. As long as you recognize that it's its own thing it shouldn't ruin any previous opinions you had.

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Every decade of anime is defined generally by one or two character designers' artstyle. Will the 2010s be defined by Masayoshi Tanaka's character designs? Especially now that Kimi No Na Wa is the highest grossing anime film of all time.
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>highest grossing anime film of all time.
I guess you could say that it found a way.
Here are some of the most popular anime in the past 10 years that he's designed the characters for

>kimi no Na Wa
>Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda
>Highschool of the Dead
>Ano Natsu
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I´m surprised this was 80% of the loved /a/ meme. Almost like he read the meme and stole it. As close as meme becoming real as possible.

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Just look at her /a/, don't you want her to be your wife?
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She's not a sociopath. She's an angel.
Probably be sucking some guy's dick when I'm not looking.

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why does Konosuba's author continue to push the possibility of a Darkness end when it's very obvious through fan polling and general feedback that Darkness is worst waifu? Chris, Eris, Aqua, Iris, and most definitely Megumin are vastly superior, yet Darkness has the 2nd most development next to Megumin
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Probably cause he never plans on ending it
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who gives a shit?
the author self inserts as darkness

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Villains Who Did Nothing Wrong
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Those stupid kids should have had the ninja rat kill him the first time he betrayed them.

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My little killing machine can't be this cute
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Rose a shit.
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Adorable as fuck.
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Thanks for the bloat.

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ITT: QUALITY animation
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How can she be so old and yet still so best?
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I'm going to have to rewatch a few times for image harvesting
So what happened to the super broom?

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You get to dance with one of these fine ladies and when you play your cards you might have some private fun with your pick tonight.
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Ryougi because she would do anal and be tsun about it.
Ponytail girl because she has one
I can't dance.

Why is cum on them?
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Because they're sluts and they like being cummed on.
Because they're healthy pure angels
But Stocking's not a slut

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Is it safe to say that Tanigawa just ran out of words?
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What an idiot. Ask any good western writer and he will say that you should never stop writing as that is the best way to improve.
This fucker is a loser with a sudden strike of luck. How many successful books has Stephen King written? How many more will he write? Hiatus my balls, this asshole is just waiting for everyone to forget about Haruhi, and that's because because he ran out of ideas.
How many successful books has Stephen King written?

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Prove me wrong lmao
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i started jojo by reading speed ball run, now im making my way through the anime. did i fuck up?
i felt i was able to enjoy spr 100%, the only thing that must not have clicked with me the way it did with other people was dio and the world
good jojo
good villain
forgettable cast
mediocre fights
ok plot
good ending
ok stands
not really

sbr is set in a different universe and is not connected with parts 1-6

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Chapter 99 was released
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It was released yesterday, slowbro.

Get it? Hehe, slow-bro.
Reddit:zero is fucking garbage.
I want to have a threesome with Fortuna and Emilia.

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Why do you sick fucks want this woman to rape her son so badly?
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Because I want my mother to rape me.
Because /a/ would like to rape her son themselves.
I want to be her son

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