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Why is she so perfect, lads?
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I liked her English dub voice.
Horiuchi's still got it. This new season will be great.
Didn't she die? I thought I saw her get shot in the brain.

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I am going to post this everyday until you like it.
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not if i can help it
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put that back in the oven, it's fucking raw.
>not tripfagging as SataniaFish
-7/10 shitpost

What is this abomination?
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Multi track drifting is what it is
spongebob hit takumi with a fucking steel door I guess
Aspect raito

>watch a romance anime
>get emotionally invested and attracted to the girl
>feel empty and depressed once she finally goes out with the male lead
and this is why yuri is the best.
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>>get emotionally invested and attracted to the girl
>>feel empty and depressed once she finally goes out with the male lead
These two are mutually exclusive. You can't really care about someone if it bothers you to see them be happy. There is some deeper reason as to why it bothers you, Anon.
>really care about someone

bitch he said attracted

femanons: cant help but shit up the place
It's just a greentext bait OP but I have strong feelings on this matter so I'll reply anyway.

It seriously bugs me that some people actually feel the need to "self-insert" - envision themselves in the place of someone else - and can't just appreciate a story with its own characters. That some people really do prefer having nondescript lead characters with subdued and vapid reactions for this reason. It's just incredible to me.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Kill yourself phoneposter
Only option when I'm at work
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I still don't get it. What was the purpose of putting the hot iron in there?
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Cauterize the bite point.
It symbolizes the moment you drop the show.
Stopping the infection to spread?
Also just realized I don't even remember how this ended.

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Post girls who have had sex ITT
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y-your mother
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Why is she such a semen demon
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Araragi gently walked her home.

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screencapped from kissanime.png
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What did she mean by this?
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she said NTR
exactly what she said. Netorare is translated into cuckold
>this garbage stream quality

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>mfw dubbed audio plays by default
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>mfw OP doesn't know how to switch which audio track plays by default from the command line
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>Didn't notice it was set to English
>First voiced line comes up
>My facial expression
English voice acting is the cringiest thing I can think of.
>first track is signs only
>second is japanese only
>no track containing both
What the fuck.

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alright /a/ssholes, let's settle this democratically!

it's been over 20 years, so let's get A consensus here... Asuka or Rei?

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>Rei is winning
Just like the best awards in the entire history of anime

Don't Japs hate half-bloods?
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Kallen is perfection
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Name a better hafu. Protip: you can't
Wait? Mugi is a halfling?

This was a very good series. It also had one of the few OPs that I'd listen to every episode.
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Ova subs when?
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Why is Futaba so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
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I want to lick Yoko-sama's sweaty feet.

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I don't get why people are losing their shit over little witch acadamia.

Tweeny witches is basically little witch acadamia with a way better art style.
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Nah, it's okay though
I'm actually watching it right now. On episode 13. So not completely forgotten.
I really like TW.

You haven't forgotten about me have you /a/?
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Yes I have. You've ruined enough.
New chapter when?
I wish I could

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These have started popping up in London


Is non-Ghibli anime finally starting to hit the mainstream market in the West?
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Ghost in the Shell is one of the most widely known anime out there. It's been mainstream for 20 years. Not to mention there's a live action movie based on it coming out you dolt.
Looks like it.
GitS is well know in the mainstream and the Hollywood adaptation will be released in March, thanks to this we finaly got the realese of the manga here in Hueland

Your Name is breaking records left and right and was considered for Oscar nominee

Anime will be mainstream in the next 3-5 years

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