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I've noticed these two have a LOT in common, but I can't quite put my finger on what. Does anyone know what I'm overlooking?
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The cock stare.
They both like the penises of dark skinned males.
Blonde dumb sluts

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the fat one on the left
They're both fat
Left is obviously better.

protip: You can't
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He keeps ruining everything.
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He's going to be a smear on the pavement by the end. This last episode he made way too many potential enamies.
How is it that this bumbling idiot killed two main characters?

Has there been a more disappointing show this year than Brave Witches?
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Sanya a cute
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I can't say I was very disappointed. More optimistic for its potential than what showed up, sure. But I'm not taken aback by a military show being held back by production committees in the era of kancolles and haifuris. I enjoyed it for what it did well and the rest was largely inoffensive.
The only thing I was disappointed with was the CG honestly. But now that I know it's been promptly fixed everything is all good.

Can't wait for the extra episode.

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>you will never take residence in the emiya household
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>You will never live in Riders room with her, and read books all day while fucking her all night to make sure she doesn't try to go after Shirou by accident
It hurts to live
What's the point of making a maze out of your house and planting trees in between?
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>you will never live in the Emiya household circa 1994-1999 with Shirou as a kid and Kiritsugu as a mellowed out Grail cancer patient

It hurts...

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Just finished re-watching K-ON, was it a masterpiece? KyoAni can easily make a season 3 of them in college then finish it off with Azusa's graduation trip.
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It's a masterpiece because it ended before it had a chance to get ruined. There's no need for anymore.

Yes, Mio is best girl. Good taste OP
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They should make eight more seasons, ten hour long episodes each, with each episode depicting a slice of one year.

Season 3: 20s
Season 4: 30s
Season 5: 40s
Season 6: 50s
Season 7: 60s
Season 8: 70s
Season 9: 80s
Season 10: 90s (Yui dies at 91, Ritsu at 94, Mio at 95, and Mugi at 96. Azusa is alone for the last three episodes before dying at age 100.)

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>still no news about season 2

Is the dream dead, Umarubros?
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OAD in spring
Post Umaru abuse.
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>refusing lesbian twins for a girl that was 100% assured to die at childbirth
Is Tomoya retarded?
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Ryou is literally a worse Nagisa

are you implying that nagisa is somehow bad?

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We can all agree that big breasts are superior to flat chest.

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Flat is Justice Boi
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we already know that
>defends flat chests
>posts a literal boy

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Are you allowed to watch One Room if you're a girl?
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I happen to be a little girl and I'm watching it just fine.
Apparently not. But it's not a problem since you aren't a girl.
And neither are you >>152583545.
And neither am I.
prove me how I am not a little girl faggit

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I don't think this is healthy, the other thread just died a natural death.

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Very happy Anna.jpg
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Why can't he just give Anna the dick? Hard Mode: no dead jokes
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dead dead dead dead
rip in peace
Why can't you just give Anna the dick?
Hard Mode: No "I'm not 2D" jokes.

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UchiMusume volume 1.jpg
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New chapter is out. Cover is out. My heart. Someone get the defibrillator.
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Cute manga. Why is no one reading this?
Because this would go the Usagi Drop route?
I'm reading the wn.

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This is Shibuya Rin, /a/.
She graduated at the top of her class at 346 pro, has over 300 confirmed live performances, and can kick 90% of /a/'s ass.
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What is Shiburin's role in the military?
Why isn't she wearing any panties? I can't see them. Is she an exhibitionist?

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Shinka is one of those girls who ends up becoming a christmas cake, isn't she?
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not if i have anything to say about it
I think that she will get married at the last possible moment before that happens.

Single mother, from a much older man already with a family, cut connections with her friends and family out of shame, works a dead end, low paying job and cries herself to sleep every night.

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