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>Her name is Niwaka

Was this on purpose?
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Yup obviously a motherfucking 4chan reference.
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>4chan reference
She is Komeiji?

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Moments that still trigger you
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How to go from 10/10 to 6/10 in less than 5 seconds.
>phone screenshot
Yep, this triggers me.

More like 10/10 to dropped.

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How about a game of mahjong?

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come on
I should have played on Saber's hand, faggot on my right has anime-tier plot armor.
I'm furiten. I forgot.

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What the heck is a "boy pussy"
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your mom
It's a boy's pussy. Jesus don't you know anything about anatomy
Beats me. By all logic, they're mutually exclusive.

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Dancing midgets rushed
Himomaru Zumou ending
Kimetsu no Yaiba graduated
Promised Neverland graduated
Samon can't be determined
Is this the end of the 30K club?
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It essentially sales more than 30k. I know that Sesuji is ending soon, but I haven't heard anything about Himomaru.
As in moved on up. Why does it sound retarded?

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>HxH 2011 had a bad soundtra-

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Only nostalgia edgelord prefer 1999 to 2011.

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>45 years old

Why does Vegeta win so much?
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didn't she wish to age at the same rate as vegeta?
Toriyama just forget about their age that's all. All character become much younger and become immature or childish again. See the manga's face for his actual face.
Krillen has 18.

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Why is KyoAni so great?

Are other studios even trying?
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They may be excel in animation and art direction, but their shows are still complete shit.
this, a polished turd is still fecal matter at the end of the day
All I want from KyoAni is cute girls and healing that melts my heart, and they're finally giving me that after so many years of dramas, not that they're bad, but when it comes to laid back SoLs no one is better than them.

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Seas would rise when I gave the word
Do you have the youtube link of that amv, OP?
>implying >>>/mu/ is any better

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have we established that Tanya went on those test runs with a chute, or do mages in this series just ignore falling damage?

also, i for one accept our new loli overlords....
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Didn't Tanya slow down her decent with magic in the second episode when she jumped out from the second floor?
We haven't seen it yet, in the second episode when she jumps from the hole in the academy wall she has the rectangle gem and its glowing. But I think they can use magic to an extent without a gem.

There are also little animation errors that are easly missed like she already has the unique gem when receiving her orders in episode two and dumping the pack that apparently exploded not a few seconds earlier.
From what I could tell, the machines they use to fly help them land. That's why she didn't want to keep going higher when the thing was about to fucking explode

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Fuck off back to /v/.
with boobs like those, it's hard to tell


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Wheres the doritos.jpg
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Mountain Veiw, Dr. Pepper or Coke. Which protagonist drink do you like the best /a/?
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You've got a good head on your shoulders anon. you're a man to be trusted.
What the hell is mountain view?

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What was her fucking problem?
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>child laborer
>racially discriminated against
Should I keep going?
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>Should I keep going?
She can talk to animals, and the only animals around her circus animals. This is why she's a vegan. She being chased by people who want to kidnap her, and is eventually sold to them.

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What makes a good idol , /a/?
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Good feet.
loose butthole
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Huge foreheads.

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Dropped like a thousand tons of bricks, what the hell was the author thinking?
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Literally who? I do not recognize this boy.
>Little girl wants to look like her mother.
>People complain because muh long hair.

We don't deserve comfy.
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