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So the characters themselves can't time travel, but their memories can. They can send their memories into the past to whoever came before them in the titan shifter eating chain. The coordinate holder can, at least. Which means that, in theory, Eren in the future could send his memories back to current Eren until the future changes enough to where they're all saved. But the thing is, that would change the future around him literally as he does it. Suddenly, conversations he had previously had with Armin wouldn't exist. Jean would be dead. Reiner would be straight.

Kidding. Reiner will never straight.

But you get my point. He'll have to keep sending different memories and ideas back to his younger self until he gets it right, and then he'll have to figure out what shit did and didn't happen in this new timeline.

Alternatively, he won't know that he sent those memories back because it never happened in the new timeline. He won't remember what he just did, but also may not remember the past several years because they are now invalid and don't exist.

TL;DR A ragetard with 3/10 intelligence gets to play 9D chess with his younger self to save the world. We CLAMP now.
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Sending messages is stupid, memories just mix together.
I get the feeling that this is the point where it jumps the shark and spirals into downfall.
I don't think that's how it works, that would make the rest of SnK pretty boring. Here's your (you) for Reiner being straight though.

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Is it possible to make anime be produced in America?
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If the dollar crashes and suddenly labor is cheaper than in Japan.

Hand drawn animation is dead in USA so no.

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Ask someone who just watched this boring ass show for the first time anything
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Do people die when they're killed?
I actually like Fate/stay night. It didn't try and take itself too terribly seriously which I don't really like in any form of media when it does
You check out the manga adaptation?

Closest thing to guro to legally get published in the west.

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isn't it the most refreshing anime of this season
I am already hooked to its gorgeous art, smooth color palette and of course story since I really like the manga. I know most anonsin /a/ might not agree with me but the story isn't that stereotype harem, romcom and other stuff but takes you to a quite close depiction of adolescent problems when they act primarily on their emotional impulses, are impatient, and can't channel their energy in the right direction.
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What's refreshing about a garbage soap opera? The softcore fapbait is refreshing I guess, sure.
It's a somewhat realistic portrayal of a completely unrealistc kind of relationship at best.

It feels more realistic than your average shonen harem romcom, but that's hardly an achievement.
Who's the scum tho?

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>Kazuma says he refuses to be a cliche
>commits the most frustrating cliche of all by being too stupid/beta to advance his relationship with Megumeme

Why did they put romance in a comedy series if they're not going to go anywhere with it?
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He's into older women and not a lolicon.
He's barely older and taller than her.
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How could you not?

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>the actual historical goddess of prostitutes just happens to look exactly like Tohsaka Rin
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She's possessing Rin's body, you idiot.
Their compatibility is what you should be focusing on.
How does a deity who fucks animals synergize so well with Rin?
They both like to spend their time bullying other people.
One of them also has good compatibility with the man the other wants.

This is a Japanese 5th grader
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And here's a better picture of a japanese 5th grader
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japanese 5th grader.jpg
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Here's an even better picture of the same Japanese 5th grader
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11 years old.jpg
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and here's an even better picture of a japanese 5th grader

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Dumping Samon a bit earlier today
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God damn she is cute, I hope the remaining episodes are SoL about Leon impregnating her and raising a family
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Fucking seeds.
Fucking ojii-sans.
Fucking lying EDs.
Fuck everything.
Me too anon. Me too.

Left or right?
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The one not a skeleton
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How long would you last in Shinka?
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I would cum just by being in the same room as her.
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depends if I had forewarning of an ero encounter with her
could last a good while on my second nut if I jerked off before hand

>set show in Britain
>it's immediately good

Why don't more studios use this one simple trick?
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>set show in Britain
>MC isn't immediately raped by pakis
If only the main character wasn't a filthy jap
This isn't anime.

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D/a/nce thread?
D/a/nce thread!
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I want to hold hands with Miyu
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I want to ejaculate inside Miyu.
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Dem hips, though

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