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>Best girl lost

I would have been fine with the shitty melodrama if she at least won. What a piece of shit.
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No she didn't. She got together with best boy.
Glad that little shit lost. I had to endure her autism in the entire movie.

I would've liked a 12 episode series of this. The class seemed cozy as fuck, I don't think it did well on the sudden romance between the jock and the qt shy girl. Also hated how all of her problems was resolved by just getting a boyfriend rather than seeking actual professional help.

"Nihei will write a new plot and design the characters for the movie, which is expected to premiere in 2017"
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So who will be turned into a man and marry a 3rd gender?
Still hurts. Yuhata was best girl... She truly WAS
There was no point in that. TheY could have been lesbians. That's even better. FUCK

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deep lore
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tomo has a crazy family. Her mother is a total pedophile.
So this is literally JWWW then
Title: History Repeated
Panel 1
Goro: This bothersome presence...
Panel 2
Goro: M-Misaki?!
Misuzu: 's daughter.
Goro: Her daughter?!
Panel 3:
Goro: You look just like her...don't become like that woman, you hear?
Misuzu: Sure...
Carol: Does Tomodad hate Misuzumom?
Tomo: Not exactly "hate"...
Panel 4:
Tomo: When they were in school, she apparently used to bully him about my mom...
Carol: So it's genetic!

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ching chong Maki is best girl ching chong.
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There are people who don't even know katakana?

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>best girl has to be taken out of commission because the mangaka/writer favors shit girl

This meme needs to end
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Pic unrelated, right?

But that's what happened
Ugly potato.

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Hi /a/,

What's the most effective way to desmug a loli? I read that a firm bap to the head can be effective, but only in cases of mild to moderate smug. Apparently, bapping a severely smug loli can be highly dangerous...and even lethal!

How do I tell how smug my loli is, and what do I do if she's severely smug?

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here ya go
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The older they get, the less smug they get.
Try dicking them

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The writers of this show hated DBZ didn't they?
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They did until they saw that GT wasn't getting the response they wanted, so they made it DBZ.
No they just hated Vegetables and liked Goku too much.
>Just give me that Freddy fade senpai

>Start re:reading manga
>It's THAT part
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kanaka a best
To get to the "a best" takes ~ 40% of the entire series.
>that sublime feeling when you remember that worst girl is now completely irrelevant, that she may never even appear in the manga again, and that even the dead waifus have a better chance of winning the Kazuya bowl than she does

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We have officially improved 765 Pro.
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I honestly can't remember who the missing one is.
remove everyone but hibiki and Takane.
It's Miki. I don't even watch the anime, I just read the doujins, and I know.

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"Thank you Onii-chan"

What do you think of this volume /a/?
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Is the epilogue out?

I liked this volume. Gonna be hard to top 5 and 6 but those were the 2 best LNs I've ever read but 10 was enjoyable if only for the last chapter.
Yep, chapter 5 was enjoyable but the other 4 are... mehhhhh

The epilogue isn't translated yet though.
I'm ok thinking chapters 1-4 are the moderately entertaining buildup to chapter 5.

Even though I think chapter 5 had enough content to where it probably should have been 2 chapters. But that's pretty nitpicky.

What does /A/ think of the new dbs gods
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They look like Wrestling rejects

>literally no threads of Dragon Ball Super because of shitty autoban
>suddenly new fem Broly is announced
>people begin waifu-ing the new fem-Broly
>threads every day

makes you think
Being a DB fan is suffering.
>Then wait years and years for a new sequel
>It awful
>Go and rewatch DB
>Be reminded of how great DB and most of Z was
Even DBZ Abridged feels more like DB than the piece of shit that Super is.

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Chapter 5 came out a couple of days ago. Just dumping this really cute chapter for those who have missed it.

The story so far:
Ootani is part of a "cool kids" group at school, but he feels lonely and left out because he loves 80s Japanese culture, especially idols. He finds out that Yakushimaru, a quiet girl who sits next to him, loves 80s stuff just as much, if not more, than he does. What follows is a lighthearted (so far) story of cute moments, hints of romance, and tons of 80s references.

You can find previous chapters I've dumped in the archive or just look for them on batoto. Just ctrl+F the subject.

Reference for this chapter:
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how the fuck does she afford all this computer equipment?
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you don't seem to understand
a shame you seemed an honest man
She invted bitcoin

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Which one is better?
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Metal Fight, no contest

Metal sucks dick

Kai and Tyson were such badass motherfuckers
Fucking gay
Brooklyn/Boris/Zeo were better

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This picture was posted on the Media Factory blog along with the following text
>An A4 drawing depicting Mila and Tigre's hot night!
Ludmila's territories are being liberated next lads
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I haven't really been keeping up with the LNs. What's been happening recently?
Fighting against demons, political trickery. The same old. I haven't been keeping up either, but Mila is my fave girl and it being her turn caught my attention.
Tigre opening each vanadis sacred gate

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