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Have you forgotten about me, /a/?
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>2 plamemo threads at the same time
What the fuck
Doesn't look like it
How could I forget you? I bought a figure of you. Jeez Isla, is your hard drive failing? ;_;

How do I find manga like this where shit ACTUALLY HAPPENS, things change and relationships advance instead of the same old stuff spinning in circles. Preferrably with some lighearted scenes and NO NTR
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Read more seinen
Anon, either you or someone with taste like yours turned me on to this series last week.
Thanks. You're good people.

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Would SAO be fixed if Kazuma replaced Kirito as the protagonist?
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Why do people imagine Kirito as a completely different character than what he actually is?
What character Kirito actually is?
>Would SAO be fixed if they replaced the largest and most glaring flaw with something better

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So the mother was a huge slut who fugg not only the father but his son and his older brother then turns around and gets almost everyone killed.

The lady boy raises his best friends daughter only to give her as sacrifice to a mob boss so the mob boss will let his disciple leave the gang.

Not only is the yakuza boss fucking the daughter but also her boss and the daughter knows it, but he also has a wife.

The cuckold then raises the mob bosses child.

Why are all the characters in this show cucks and whores? Is there a single decent character in this entire shit fest?

I thought it would get better after the white died but her daughter is just as bad. She grew up to be just like her mother
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Sounds like it was made to appeal to women
They love that kind of over the top drama
>People in theater are disgusting human beings
Sounds like life.
Meh, people will still eat this shit up simply because it's not cute girls or action.

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Why do people call Yuri on Ice gay?

I finished watching and it's wasn't much gayer than, say, Free or Oofuri.

Are people that stupid that can't tell bait anymore? I can understand it because fujo hadn't got anything canon for years, but it's weird to see people champion this as some kind of epic gay romance when Makoto and Haru were gayer than this.
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There wasn't even anything gay about the show. All of the characters are straight and just really good friends. Sort of like when you hang out with your buddies and give each other blowjobs. It's not gay, it's just playing around and having a good time.
Yuri on Ice was AOTY
This. If you don't buy wedding bands for yourself and your bro, you're a fucking faggot in my book.

What's the meaning behind the shots like this?
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I'm not sure, but I would appreciate more shots like this.
to pander to gaujins, like the whole show
It's a show for all ages, but they're sure to throw us big friends a bone now and then

Mikuru needs serious help.
How to proceed?
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Name a more worthless character than Mikuru.
[Comfort Mikuru]
Filthy secondary detected

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>Comically unlucky
>Is okay with being seen naked by a man and doesn't go full retard about it

Why is she so perfect ?
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She was created before autism completely devoured the entire anime industry.
jesus I fapped so much to it back at the newgrounds days

Oje of the few reasons to watch Outlaw Star to be honest

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Surprise, second page today.
2 pages per day from now on

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How did he get away from everything he did?
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By being unkillable
plot armor
by being useful enough to be of service and hard enough to kill to make the effort not worth it

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/a/ characters everyone loves
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If you don't like Yotsuba I don't like you
People who say they hate Kotori are bad liars.
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You fucking better

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And other people can insult them if they want. I don't expect many compliments at all in this thread. And I'll probably remember more when I read other's people's lists.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Elfen Lied
Gurren Laggen
Kill La Kill
Madoka Magicka
No Game No Life
Stein's Gate
Code Geass
Fate/Stay Night
A certain Magical Index 1, 2, Railgun, Movie
Aldnoah Zero 1
Golgo 13
Attack On Titan
One Punch Man
Cat Planet Cuties
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Space Patrol Luluco
Full Metal Panic but I was so drunk I don't even remember
Spice and Wolf
Sword Art Online

Now and Then, Here and Now
Deadman Wonderland
That vampire one
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Phoenix Wright
Battle Girls Time Paradox
Speed Racer
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I don't think anyone will post in this thread on account of having watched hundreds of series minimum.
Or this will turn into MAL thread.

Also, fuck off newfag.
How cute, now watch 300 more shows and come back.

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Opinion on kuzu no honkai?
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It's shit
I want them to fuck.
Bitches and whores.

At least it's a little different.

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So, who is the best girl? And why it is Ebino?
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This whole thing's gonna go tits up in the next couple chapters.
The sad part is that best girl is not going to be endgame...
Can this manga stop shitting on Ebino please?
Every fucking chapter has people making her think that the MC is in love with her. It'll only lead to cheap drama, since we all know that there is no way for her to be the end girl.

Fuck that noise, she doesn't deserve this.

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