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Lets talk how all girls won.
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Help I'm in love with Akane
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My wife Shizuru is cute and sexy.
but only chihaya won

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Beautiful Sea
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Is Miuna a slut?
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Why is she so perfect, /a/?
Because she is the ocean.

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Best OTP coming through
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I love CC
I wanna marry CCreayus as she is the closest girl to CC on this world.
>There are people who don't follow creaus on twitter yet
CC a best

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How did she become an anal princess?
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Having sexual affair with pigs.
Pleasing old men for money.
You don't become an anal princess, you're born into it.

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Will there ever be another divider as great as this?
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Learn how to take a screenshot.
I bet you're a purplefag, they can't do anything right.
This was okay. Green is the best. No idea how it ended since I only watched the anime.

Nah, that'd go to Claireposter in recent times.
>Green a best
Very correct, good taste anon.

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Chapter 86.1 cleaned.


We need somebody to typeset everything in.

Strangely enough, the second part (86.2) and chapter 87 have already been translated, and the typesetting is done. You can get them here:
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>Two episode in
>It's already one of the more overlooked series of the season
What gives? It's a pretty good series
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Its very plain
Ep2 was bad
>Its very plain
Like that has ever stopped anyone
Most people here just don't bother to watch the shows with this kind of setting.
Not to mention the characters are adult males

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Does /a/ ever watch foreign (i.e. non-japanese or english) dubs for kicks?

I turned on Laputa earlier, the first audio track was Russian for some reason, and was surprised how well it worked with the Miners, Pirates, and Army characters. So I just kept watching.

Observe: https://streamable.com/4ov72

Makes me wonder if other languages might work with this, like say French with a more romantic pic like Kimi No Na Wa or something.
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If you search for anime on rutracker, some of them have Russian fandubs.
It's usually just one or two girls voicing all the characters, including all the men.
The Russians must really like dubs I guess.
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>It's usually just one or two girls voicing all the characters, including all the men.
>including all the men.
Any men, I should say.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has a Russian fandub, and Sensei himself was voiced by a girl. Though some episodes he was voiced by a dude.

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I don't get people liked this show, it was nothing but some asshole being so lucky that he can get away with being a hikikomori.

>Can totally go outside 'but just this one place and also the store and stuff'
>Lies to a girl about designing games, immediately has the means to do so
>treats friend like shit, gets away with it
>wrapped up in an accidental suicide pact, gets out of it
>wrapped up in a pyramid scheme, gets out of it
>has power shut off, still has power
>has no one bringing him food for a month, is fine
>winds up with a job and a girlfriend

What do people see in this story?
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It's a show for shits and giggles, friendo
Self inserting

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Which one?
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roll for niigata!
Hokkaido. How could I resist those cute winter clothes.

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it's out
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are you out of the closet yet?
put it back in, op. that's gross.
fuck u retard

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But loving your sibling like that is disgusting isn't it
I don't even care about the incest or who won/lost, it was fucking horribly written. Literally fan fiction-tier. Best girl was the fujo in the game design club because she was actually funny.
Thank you, OP.

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Did Yamada get BTFO?

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To be quite honest, the source material is very juvenile in a lot of ways. Your Name is at least fresh and has a very good plot twist, and Kono Sekai is more mature and artsy.
Japan simply can't face bullying.

Your Rope is the most generic and accessible, and In This Corner is a good victim circlejerk.
Koe no Katachi barely touches upon real bullying issues. 3gatsu did bullying 10 times better and it's one of the most popular manga in Japan, so they can in fact face bullying, when done right.

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>it's a Jin episode
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>it's a weird shit goes down episode
Samurai Champloo is one of the worst anime ever made
Not enough moe crap in it for you?

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>livestock brand
Why do you have to make my dick hard like this OP?

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