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>tfw fell for the blue RAM meme
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Ram Underwear.png
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Sorry to here that. Have some actual Ram to help get you back on the right path.
I will say though, that is a really well done shoop.
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>tfw fell for the blue Double Data Rate Generation 4 Random Access Memory meme

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Why is VLC a bad video player?
I tried MPV but it was terrible, so I'm sticking with VLC until I find a better alternative.
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People say it's shit because it was bad in every possible way 10 years ago. I'd assume its fine now.
Also not anime fuck off
>rebuilding font cache
Should be enough reason for you to never use t again.

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>the series is mediocre
>but the intro's fantastic
What's her name /a/?
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Deadman Wonderland
Tenjou Tenge

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Is it still the best written betrayal in anime & manga?
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not even close

rossiu was a terribly written character
Nope. That will always belong to Berserk.

this is the best written betrayal in anime & manga

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Can big girls love lolis?
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statistically women are more likely to molest children then men.
No, women are incapable of love.
everyone loves lolis

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This was pretty good, ending sure had a few surprises.
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I just rewatched Castle in the Sky and I still can't decide if it's better than Nadia in the end.
Both are extremely similar in their themes and tropes, and both are good (aside from Nadia's Africa arc).
What do you think about Conan?
Never seen it, it's been sitting in my backlog. Is it worth watching? I really like the "kids going on an adventure to find the remnants of an ancient civilization" theme.

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Why is she such a semen demon, /a/?
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How do I become a supa hacka?
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Don't call Suzu's dad a "hacka"! It's hacker!
Ask /g/.
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shaman girl

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"What are you thinking, Anon?"
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Standing up from that position looks like a real hassle.
That you're series became shit.
that i shouldn't have made this meme

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I guess S2 is now out of the question, but I'm hoping for an OVA. I really want to see Iruru animated.
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>I guess S2 is now out of the question
Phantom World comes first.
>**1,322位/**1,192位 (***,204 pt) [*,**4予約] 2017/03/15 MaiDragon

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who suffered more /a/?
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Tomoko obviously.

Not having a bf is more suffering than seeing your gf getting turned into a starchy, tuberous crop.
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Yes, Guts is a lucky guy. He is not a virgin and was blessed by the wise magical negro....in the ass!
You're mom when I fuck her ass.

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Finish the following:

>Aqua is wet
>Megumin is explosive
>Darkness is ...
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Chapter 1
Chapters 2-6
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Limited edition movie tickets for the first Washio Sumi movie are on sale today (21st) for the Japan anons.

The promotional Kanonji Fair is held in Tokyo tomorrow and Sunday. It will feature some promotional content for YuYuYu, including the character poster lottery winner being announced and presumably the design of the actual posters being unveiled. Posters of each Hero Club member, and one group shot, will be put up at various sites around Kanonji. Locations are listed on the website. Udon and niboshi will be sold at the event.

Two slightly different sets of life sized cut outs of the Hero Club were put up in Kanonji community centre.

The Yuki Yuna is a Hero 'culture festival', featuring the original five seiyuus, will be held in Kanonji on February 5th. Full schedule at the link.

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero Chapter 18: http://www.mediafire.com/file/37804ws1t22cx08/NoWaYu_-_Chapter_18_Uproot.pdf

Nogi Wakaba is a Hero Drama CD Volume 2: https://mega.nz/#F!kEcXzarR!gPLXIVubNLOS0Qj8jLxn7w

All other content is in the Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
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I want to fuck Yuuna.
Well I guess it's not the 21st anymore, but you get the point.
Yuuna is not for sexual.
Go on, Chikage.

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Sayaka or Mami?
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good grief! they decapitated Kyubey!

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