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How would you innovate the idol genre?
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Boy bands
An idol anime directed by the Butcher.

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Praise her, adore her
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>sorry gowasu, but you have to go
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leave el grande padre to me.

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>mfw they kill off the comedy relief character.
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>anime where character dies
>Even their death's scene is still comedy
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jokes on me he was only pretending..!

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This Friend isn't bad
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To be straight up, this kid friendly?
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I don't know

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Is she a slut?
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You know it
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Otako? Yes. Galko is a pure maiden.

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>Toguro apologizes whenever he kills an innocent person
>"Kills" Kuwabara to make Yusuke power up
>Doesn't apologize
>Kuwabara turns out to be A-Okay in the end
That was actually very subtle and great
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>toguro is going to get a much lighter punishment because he was honorable in life
>he says fuck it and accepts the worst possible punishment where goes to the lowest level of hell for 10,000 years and then cease to exist
possibly one of the dumbest moments in any anime
>Muh honorable mass murdering psycho

No that was retarded
I meant the subtle reference that he did not kill Kuwabara not Toguro's character itself

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Thank you T/a/ttun
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I can't wait for his time to shine. What a guy.
Congrats to the anons who will forever be immortalized in official LWA merch.
You mean what a gay

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So, what did you guys think about little Froppy's adventure? It was so weird to see her as the MC for once (her getting along with Sirius was pretty cute).

This might be anime-original, but it's definitely not filler, we all need more insight on Class 1-A's doings.

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This must be one of the worst shows ever made in the story of anime, but boy I love this frog.
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she was half the reason I started watching this show

kimi ga seou itami no hate ni wa
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good shit
Still waiting for the higher levels arcs.
Oh the good old days when we had exciting battle shounen everywhere and we can just dive into any series and enjoy.

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Do girls like to be tickled?
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what anime?
According to that they love getting their love handles handled

First two arcs are out with subs
Yep Senjou again
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>its a worst girl episode
She's such a wife material.
they addressed each other by their given names gently

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Who also likes her ?
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music + body....
She's the only character in that series that I can stand other than Megumi.

Sexy too.
Best girl of the series

Also I'd like her to pin me down and do lewd stuff to me without my consent

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What is your opinion on InuYasha?
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Good series That I always watch on Saturday.
I actually recently went and watched the whole first anime. I think the character designs in the anime were really great and I liked the tone of the series within the first part of the series, but as it went on it got lighter, it continued to get slower, and I just gave less and less of a shit about it.The fights outside of very few like Yura of the Hair's didn't stand out much to me and even the better ones are only on part with average fights in another show which is a shame coming from a series with great design like Inuyasha.

It's not that Inuyasha is bad per say, it's that it's not good and when there's a lot of not good it feels bad. After a certain point I was playing the whole thing at least 1.5x-3x speed just to finish the show already. I'll probably get to the final arc when I feel like it but I don't see the show improving even if I know it got faster.

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Who else hates all shounenshit and "manime"?
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Stop remaking this thread.
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