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Is this a spoof of Guts and Farnese?
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Or is it a thumbnail?

I can't tell.
rip-off or homage whatever you want to call it
Dunno, I might have been able to tell if you hadn't posted a litteral thumbnail.

Let it be known that Xebec can do no wrong!
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Love Hina Again, Lagrange S2 and many other pieces of evidence would disagree with that.
Sorry I couldnt hear you over the best space opera, mecha IP, ecchi show and sports anime in the history of the medium. Care to repeat?
Making good things does not mean you cannot do bad things as well.

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Let's have a fate thread in prevision of best route adaptation.
Also why are the scanlations for fate manga so fucking slow ?
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The comedy ones should be prioritized.
best route adaption? surely this is a joke?
Ok but when you see that SF still has only like 8 chapters it's a bit scandalous

>it begins

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Name ONE(1) anime where sensei isn't best girl.

Pro tip: you literally cannot.
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You posted one OP, that was quick
>tfw OP has such a low opinion of the board he just finishes the tasks he has for us in advance so we can feel the accomplishment despite having done nothing
best girl right there

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rei better than asuka
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how do people still not get this?
shut up retard

also checked
You wish, fag.

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Was this isekai done right?
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It was an alright show.
Took a while to really get going, but it was a decent watch.
Yes, the guy getting his balls crushed multiple times was fucking gold.
Pretty much.

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nichijou VA.jpg
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What happened to Honda Mariko? Did she got pregnant or something?
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Look at these stupid fucking idiots.
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who cares, they are comfy
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It's everything but comfy.
I try not to

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How do I become more like this guy?
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By buying an android phone and rooting it you applefag.
Jesus Christ, this place has changed.

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Bloodlust D.png
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How would you feel about a new Vampire Hunter D, produced by Netflix?
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It would be CG and SJW themes bullshit because netflix. The era for doing that kind of anime well is over.
It'll be Vampire Hunter D: Buttlust.
Couldnt kill the black guy in the modern version, thats for sure.

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How much would Sabo be worth if he is the chief of staff of the revolution army?
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I keep forgetting this character exists.

Literally my least favorite character in the manga.
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less than chopper
Sabo is an asspull to please Acefags, the most cancerous part of the entire fandom

Ace was a mistake

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Did Simon banged Yoko during the hobo years?
Yoko died a virgin

Waiting 5 years for a pony justifies everything. It's almost like 1,000 years! Killing your entire family is the only solution!
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More like having a shitty life promised to be saved by the love of your life going down the drain and being left behind.
Then finding out you are the product of incest cause your grandfather raped your mother and thrown down a cliff by your new mother.
Brain damage and gender confusion because two servants and a doctor turned you into a girl.
And somehow these two servants and doctor help you in your plan to murder your entire family.
Well, they would have a puppet to control and Yasu had no interest in the money.
Makes sense if Genji was using Yasu to get his hands on the gold and only played the good servant all these years.
He can't do shit against Kinzou, so he used Yasu.

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>Shonen Jump in 2004
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How the fuck is D Gay-man still a thing for fuck's sake?
Because super long hiatus
>Shaman King
>Black Cat
>Ichigo 100%
>Death Note
>Reborn when it was a gag manga

I miss it.

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Nothing happened. I was bored. We just saw a white cube. Ozen's voice is weird and sucks. The log cabin looked lame. The trap is a one-note character. Walking meat-torso is not supernatural. Backgrounds were not pretty. I could skip this episode and and not miss anything.
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Don't watch it then or read the manga
That was absolutely the cutest moment. It took me a second to even realize why she was embarrassed.
I will marry Riko!!

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