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This shit was great! How does the manga compare? Season 2 when?
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It's just as good, but the plot progression is getting slower with each chapter.
The manga is just as great if not better, but after it hit this one particular point it slowed down to the point of it being awful. It's gotten through that and improved since then, but it's still not quite back to where it was before that.
Have they started discussions of a possible season 2?

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Well I got plans for this fall.
What are your bets for how long it takes until the first shee of the season?

Two minutes.
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Totty is like 75% slav.

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Why didn't Aqua just kiss Kazuma?
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Kazuma would have dodged her. Typically people don't enjoy drowning in liquid trash.
No panties? Ew, disgusting bitch.
No ass

So this episode we were shown the power of DMJii's unison, saw Miku being gay, and went to go collect the relic cancer plotline from the bottom of the ocean.

The finale will be a Hibiki-Miku unison duet with Miku mediating the stone's power through SSJ. Kaneko is my uncle, screenshot this.
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I honestly hope miku does get involved somehow. Maybe not with a gear but she needs to give hibiki some powerup somehow
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They won't actually kill Cag, right? She's the best part of this whole season.
My wife Aoi is so cute.

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wasn't even a fight
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The same could be said of most of Saitama's fights.

You came to the wrong havn
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As much as I hate the animation/CGI in this show, I will never forgive the studio for using straight line shading on the characters. That shit is so fucking poorly done and looks like garbage. Fuck.
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Is this the God of the Berserk World?

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Are you ready for S2?
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Stocking up on cola and chipsu already.
can't wait
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No. Fuck off.

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A sudden brilliance. Little spots of light shining their brightest if only for a moment. Filling the dark sky with their shiny trails, magic once again returns to the world. A short reunion, a long farewell.
Today's prediction is meteor shower. If you look up to the skies you will see thousands of lights burning their brightest, their brief shining beauty dedicated to you. Wherever you are, however you are, let the lights fill your heart with hope and the stars will watch over us from the cosmos.

Houkago no Pleiades thread

Tonight is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately the moon is three quarters full and it's light will hide the small meteors halving their rate. Here's some helpful links:
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>tfw live in the path of totality in the upcoming eclipse
Can't wait lads
My family rented out a cabin in the path to see it. The internet tells me that to take a picture of it properly you have a higher chance of missing it all together looking at your camera and adjusting the settings. Glasses to see it are on the way.
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love this show

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How will internships be after the current arc?
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He's never gonna live it down, is he?

am i the only one who thought the newest episode today was like, the worst in the entire series so far?

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No reason to watch BHA other than Froppy and Uravity
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Every single time a halfway decent series gets and anime, the anime-only fags and the anti-popularity autists have to go at it and ruin everything. I miss when there were only a few threads a week on madman deku and his buddies.
>and Uravity
Only Froppy tbqh
I second this

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but the dub for HnG is so bad its good. It made watching this trash bearable
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>"Kiss my eye"
>Nae Nae
This fucking dub.
Dub is great
>glasses guy doing a Yoda voice in the second episode
My sides

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This is your date tonight.
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At least he's suave and can cook.
Puts him well above most really.
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>no episode this week
I hate it
Onore golfgom
It happened to Hina Logi and some shows I don't actually like as well. More Mura Mura later at least.

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>this little autist stranger shows up at your door and says this
What do?
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Real answer? Assume she's trying to get me into some weird cult and say "no thank you" while closing the door.
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Arrest her for threatening homeland security.

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