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Characters that should have never existed.
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thanks senpai
Why is Neko so shit? She ruined the entire episode.

Subs for episode 3 are out.

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no one care's.
about you.
Was there episode 2?

>T-This is going to be j-just like Amagami j-just wait for it
This is the last fucking time i listen to /a/.
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>Not dropping shitren after episode 1
If you love a woman her having a child before she hooked up with you is irrelevant.
This is what libcucks honestly and actually believe, or were brainwashed to believe, same shit.
It's a fucking disease.

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I want to RAPE Kanna-chan!
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I agree with that

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Translated on Danbooru: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?utf8=%E2%9C%93&tags=zannen_jokanbu_black_general-san+&ms=1
Black General is best girl.
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Is she retarded
Oh way sorry for asking
Who is best boy and why is it boss?
General's line of reasoning wasn't wrong. A grandma being at some rollercoaster, burning the building to where the villain is forced to escape.

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>year 2000+16+1
>still no /ss/ focus anime

are we doomed to watch lolishit forever?
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No loser NEETs want to be shotas. They either want to go all the way up and be gaint robot pilots, or all the way down and be lolis. /ss/ only appeals to female shotacons and that's way too niche
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To be fair, that's literally pedophilia. No mainstream anime would focus on that, and I'm willing to bet there's already /ss/ hentai out there.

It is indeed a great fetish, as long as you limit it to 2D. It's a nice fantasy, to be pampered by an older and loving woman.
/ss/ is a trash tier fetish.

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Why are neet girls so rare ?
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Because girls are not lazy like men.
because theyre all ugly so no one wants to feature them unless theyre become moeblogs or ildes
They're not rare at all. They're commonly called "Housewives" though.

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ITT: Post a series that started airing on the same year you were born.
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One month prior to my birth.
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You're under arrest for pirating anime, geekboy.
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I wanto to stick my dick in sotcking's ass
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>Live in ashitty south american country
>Pirating is the only way to watch anime as nothing comes here

I don't feel bad at all desu.
Importing exists.

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Reminder that due to a defect she can only birth boys
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No daughterfu no waifu
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the rules don't say they can't be traps though
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My object just got heavy.

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The milking has begun
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We're not even getting S3 until next year right?
The more the better

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You first motherfucker

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>colon crucified divorcenessniggers
Everyone else is enjoying the episodes that don't have that shit girl ruining them.
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Season 2 not worth watching now. Wake me when Lalatina comes back.

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>has a girlfriend
>remains a flirt who headpats another girl

Haruka some kind of slut or something?
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I headpat my cat. Am I a slut too?
You're the town bike.
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This show was garbage but goddamn did it make me hard.

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fuck it.png
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>Tsuneki going to Spain
>new girl show up in Masamune
>Kuzu no Honkai's everything
Why the fuck is all the romance this season so fucking garbage? Literally the only thing that's delivering is Maid Dragon and that's god damn yurishit.

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Wait the new Seiren is out? Why didn't my RSS feed pick it up and why are you spoiling me?
So what's some good, recent romance in anime?
We need some sappy and cheesy shoujo manga adaption soon desu.

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