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>that one guy who desperately tries to make Satania a meme-girl, but fails miserably
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>one guy

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Sorry, but meme-girl status is way out of your league.
Stop embarassing yourself.
I want to rape and murder Nene-chan!

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How come K-On is destined to an audience of young males? It talks about the life of a group of young girls, eating and drinking the whole day, occasionally playing instruments.
The art of it is girlish, the elements are cute, the anime talks about girl things. I see nothing that would appeal to young males - and to this day, I have only personally met female fans of K-On.
Is the large audience of K-On shut-ins living in their mom's basement? There is literally nothing on it that says "This is for dudes"
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The anime was intended for adult women and teenagers.
Scroll down the catalog and look at which types of anime get discussed here. Young males love this shit for whatever reason.
It's marked as Seinen in most sites

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>your literal perfect woman is right in front of you
>she will never be real
How do you cope, lads? I'm at the end of my rope.
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She is perfect because she isnt real.
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she's balding
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She's autistic, right?
That's the show, right?
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You can be autistic AND cute

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Why was Bulma so afraid of Mr. Popo when they first met? She even suggested that he lured her to Yunzabit Heights alone to rape her.
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She doesnt trust niggers
I dont remember that
Because never happened

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What is his endgame, /a/ ?
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escape , he as probably figured everything out by now
Real mastermind.

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Ending was garbage.

Life is garbage
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Yotchie best grill.

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>No one talks about last seasons show so everyone's forgotten Eupho/Kumiko already.
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memehair girl isn't forgotten

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Why was she such a cunt?
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She wasn't Kaifun.
She was a spoiled teenage girl that felt entitled to having everything she wanted when she wanted.

She was was still a child mentally, whereas Hikaru and Misa grew up as the series progressed (though Hikaru is a dumbass throughout).
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>lets reenact a wedding
>lol didn't mean it
>hi mom and dad back and after being dead for a year, going now k thanks
>oh its my hot cousin that that i haven't see who knows, let me just jump on his dick.
>has to be reminded that the guy whos gone out of his way to save my life is in the hospital and i should go vist him.

i can go on.

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Surface of the Pool~
I want to cum inside Sae

can someone be cute and lewd at the same time?
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You're waifu.

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why is she so perfect?
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Koito is better and i dont even watch the show.
because you only think with your penis
She's fit and THICC

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Do you like dark skin?
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I like dark chocolate
Kat is cute. I like Kat
Why are her nipples erect

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This shit finally got axed? Author literally destroy his mango?
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No, that arc is finally done though.
Well i hope new one will be better.
The fuck happened to the prison?

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This is Konata, an influential anime pioneer.

Say something nice to her.
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I've been sitting here for five minutes thinking of what to say.
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Konata may be a shit waifu, but at least she helped me find which people are weeboos
You can say, she is thought provoking.

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