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did it leap the shark in this moment
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Definitely the beginning of the end. I wish writers would just let magic be magic without coming up with a deep explanation for how everything works.
>explaining things
You do know that they made Luluco right after this, right?
What is up with that picture? Typical triggernigger

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ITT: We share to Tattun our million-dollar idea.

Hard mode: No phones allowed.
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Fuck off and kill yourself.
It's basically about some guy meeting a girl and he kind of completely falls for her. There are some shenanigans, but he fails to confess over and over. Then he gets some sort of deux ex machina in form of a device that let's him speak to her but it turns out he was from another universe or dimension or something and they are actually in a coma and dreamed everything
Door Punch.

Was he right?
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He saved the goddamned human race didn't he?

Kurisu told me you are all fucking stupid on the imageboard.

You have 5 minutes to prove it wrong.
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Kurisu is a slutty slut
I'm gonna beat you faggot.
I can't.

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Which one of these is supposed to be good?
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The two on the left have a shitty topaz filter
Viz actually translates manga.
Viz. Mangastream adds unnecessary words to make the content seem more mature/edgy than it actually is and Mofogoku does that weird text warping shit.

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Hajime no Ippo thread?
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>Season 0/pre-cards game volumes
>Duel Monsters/Other volumes
>Zexal/Zexal II
>Arc V

Is this correct, /a/?
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You're just ranking them according to how much nostalgia you have for each series. Fuck off.

Wise old man.
Rank em better then.
Also not really nostalgia, I just think it got worse over time.
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>season 0

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Posting chapter 4.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too, though pointing out any punctuation that seems extra rare is helpful.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, I think.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
Chapter 3: >>153012570
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TO ASUNA’S RELIEF, THE STAIRCASE DOWN DID NOT immediately plunge into eerie, ghostly ambience.

In fact, there were already several dozen players in the large room at the bottom of the stairs. They were gathered in little groups here and there, having meetings or eating breakfast-some even curled up in sleeping bags along the walls.

“...Is this a safe room?” Asuna asked, and Kirito turned to her with a baffled look on his face.

"On the contrary, we re still in the safe haven. The notice never appeared, right?”

“Oh... r-right...”

The tension left her shoulders, and she looked around again. With that fact in mind, she saw that hardly any of the players here were frontline warriors. Most of the parties had gear from the second or third floor, and some were unarmed tourists.

"So they're all here to find relics."

“That’s what I expect. They’ve probably picked this room clean and are by now heading down into the subterranean ruins nearby...”

Suddenly, Kirito's face went stern. She prompted him with a quizzical look, and he shrugged his shoulders and mumbled:

“The first underground floor was within the safe haven in the
beta. So no monsters and no traps. I'm guessing they've all come here to gather relics based on the news about that, but..."

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“…N0,sorry, just overthinking things. C'mon, lets keep going, too."

Kirito started to lead the way, only to stop and motion for Asuna to go first. She swallowed a sigh and looked at the doorways leading out from each wall of the chamber.

Please let me come across the puppy or kitten quest first, she silently prayed, and chose the hallway on the north wall.

The room itself was brightly lit by a number of fires, but it was immediately dark and gloomy in the hallway, bringing a grimace to Asuna's face. Meanwhile, the rain they'd been trying to escape seemed to be seeping down through the walls, dripping here and there and occasionally landing on her head or shoulders.

With things this quiet, she was going to forget they were within the town's safe haven, so Asuna looked over her shoulder to start a conversation with Kirito.

“So I guess it does rain in Aincrad.”

“Hasn’t it rained a bunch of times before this already?”

“I don't recall it. I know there was snow during Christmas, but..."

"Oh, right. Well, its true that it happens only rarely. In MMORPGs before this, rains and storms were a regular occurrence, but it's just a lot more unpleasant in a VRMMO. Like you saw, it ruins visibility; makes your gear heavy, your clothes stick to you; and it's real cold... It rained a lot more at the start of the beta, but they lowered the probability when the testers complained.”

"Ahh, so that's what happened. It's too bad... I like watching the rain from the inside.”

As they chatted, she eventually began to settle down. No matter how it looked, this place was still within the safety of town, and they would never see any monsters. They needed to chip away at the mountain of quests, gain a level, and prepare to tackle the floor for real.
She clenched the hilt of her rapier, feeling emboldened again.

Asuna opened her window along the way and checked her largely empty map, taking a side branch off the main hallway en route to the quest destination. They crab-walked sideways through the foot-wide corridor, then crawled through a tunnel only two feet tall (this time, she made Kirito go first) as they approached the marker.

Eventually they reached a place like a little chapel. There was a line of long pew benches, and next to the wall in the back was an eerie-Iooking crumbled statue. A number of candles here and there on the floor provided some light, but the corners of the space were plunged into darkness. It looked like the perfect place to find some relics, but there were no other players present.

Feeling a very bad premonition from the place, Asuna whispered to Kirito, "What quest happens in this spot?"

“Huh...? You want spoilers now?”

“Just tell me that much.”

“Well, if you just want the title... it’s the 'Thirty-Year Lament'!”


She successfully kept herself from giving away how aghast she was at her terrible luck and checked the quest log.

The quest story was quite simple. The client NPC was a middle-aged bachelor who had recently moved there from another town on the same floor, but he was disturbed by odd rattling noises and falling silverware late at night in his new home. He wanted help, so Asuna and Kirito had checked his basement, but couldn't find so much as a mouse. The log ended at a suggestion that they go farther down beneath the town.

"...So that means this chapel is directly beneath that mans 110use?” she asked.

Kirito grinned.

“It’ll make sense if you switch your map.”


She did as he said, going to her map tab and pressing the arrow buttons that switched between vertical levels, moving from the

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All vampires need to be STAKED.
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Why do you want to stalk vampires?
I'd stake a loli vampire, if you know what I mean.

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Does horror and spooky anime exist?
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Ghost hound had some legit spooky moments. It's god tier foley (for an animu anyway) really helped it.
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Izumi is such a fantastic girl. I'm glad she managed to make it through without dying - she threw up a lot of flags in that last episode, but she managed to pull through anyway.

I especially liked the ending, where everyone realized what a terrible character Mei was, so Sakakibara decided to hook up with Izumi. The last scene, where the two of them kissed on the ferris wheel, looking down at the town was really romantic. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who teared up a little bit.

Izumi simply gets things done. She's a girl who has the lives of all of her classmates riding on her shoulders. She carries that weight and won't let it break her. She values the lives of other people - she cares about what happens to them, and as they start dying, the knowledge that she's partially responsible starts to build up on her shoulders. But does she give up? No way. She just keeps going along, trying not to crack under the pressure.

This comes as a contrast to Mei, who, when Sakakibara talked to her, decided to talk back, dooming her classmates to a horrible death. She even knew who the extra was all along, but rather than say anything, she decided to let even more people die. In the end, the only reason she bothered to go stop the extra is because her classmates finally decided to kill her; she might not care if other people died, but once her life was in danger, then she'll do something about it. She's selfish and a sociopath.

Izumi however, didn't hesitate. She went to kill the extra when she (thought) she knew who it was. She wasn't going to let anybody else die. She's smart, beautiful, nice and mature. And to top it all off, she's a god damned hero.

She's a fantastic girl. And I for one am very glad that, rather than dying a senseless death in the last episode, she instead survived and hooked up with Sakakibara. She earned that little slice of happiness.
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I want sensei to cuck me!
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I love sensei! platonically

Can we take a moment from all the shitposting to talk about how fucking gud the OP and ED for this show are? The soundtrack so fari s wonderful, but the trippy ED is awesome.
Please stop imitating me. I unironically want to get "cucked" by sensei. I want her to love me so much that she comes back to cuddle me after a date with someone else.

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this is supposed to be a squid? what the fuck!!
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I geso
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I want to hug a squid
She's a kid now

>dog girl actually acts like dog
Why is this so rare?
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That's a wolf.

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>Let me wipe that shit off your face, anon. O-Oh, that's your face, nevermind.
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Don't you have old men to please?

18 episodes in, when does it get good?
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It never does.
When you get better tastes
>falling for the gundam meme

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