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Is there any manga website that will save the exact page im on?
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It's called a fucking bookmark you turbofaggot.
no i mean like on the website its self i dont want like 10 bookmarks on my bar
>Giving money for each click like a cuck
Download your shit fucking casual.

genuine question: how pervasive/overt is the romance in JoJolion? I'm coming to the end of SBR and quite honestly, I'm dreading part 8 solely because I don't read romance. I don't like it, I don't enjoy it (i'm not sure why).

I'm also wary of the universe reboot. SBR was fantastic, but part of me is holding on to the original universe.

in short: should i stop being a pussy and let go of my love for part 4? and should i stop being a pussy and just gloss over the romance? is the romance gloss-overable?
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its a very minor thing.

>in short: should i stop being a pussy and let go of my love for part 4?
Yes. Part 8 is like Part 4 but good
>like part 4 but good
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happier gappyer.jpg
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You have no idea how good Part 8 is.

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Would you hate fuck Ume?
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probably. How drunk am I? Ive done worse
i would love fuck Ume
Why would you be drunk?

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>The log pose will always lead to raftel
>but if you collect these 4 poneglyphs they also show the way to raftel
For what purpose? Do the poneglyphs just reveal a shortcut? Also with how strong the 4 emperors are it's hard to believe that neither shanks or blackbeard have found it since they both want to become king of the pirates. Is raftel an island without a magnetic force? Please explain.
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Has anyone deciphered these poneglyphs? You don't really think Oda didn't actually make the language right?
In real life? It's probably just made up pictographs. If you mean in the show, the only known person who can decipher them is Nico Robin.

>inb4 not everyone on the refugee ship died
>inb4 an archeologist who could decipher them escaped on the ship's wreckage
Calling it now.
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Final poneglyph just activates all previous, and if you saw enough of them - works as an ultimate epiphany machine.
Notice how every dude who've been to Raftel is basically very chill compared to others, with an exception of few touchy subjects like his sons.

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Did she ever have any redeeming qualities at all?
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I wanted to have unbelievable amounts of sex with her.
she was best girl
Black hair + red eyes = sex goddess

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Why didn't Nerv just wait for it to enter the EVAs' attack range. If its goal is to touch down in Terminal Doga then it would have had to get closer eventually.
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they can't wait forever
Don't post logic in 4chan, you cuck
It was a good excuse to put the lance out of reach. Kendo would have full control over 3rd impact with adam fused with him, at least that's what he though.

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>A mangaka who was bullied writing about a mangaka who was bullied writing about a mangaka who was bullied
This is some Inception shit, man.
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was this the manga where the girl was caught having sex with her boyfriend in a classroom?

if not, source? i love stories about bullying.
This is how you do social ostracism. NOT whatever the fuck Watamote is trying for.
This was too melodramatic for me. I think sure I dropped it after the other aspiring mangaka hosted a party to rape her or whatever the fuck it was.

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Azunyan stop what are you doing!!!
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Is this the K-ON fap thread?
Why do people make the same thread over and over? What do you expect to happen?

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This is a serious question...
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Is not okay. But go ahead and cheat, nobody is going to stop you.
Waifu barely means anything these days.
It never did; people just got less pretentious about it

What if the boy you liked only paid attention to you when you act like your dead mom?
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I'd be gay.
So what?
lesbians are better imo

Where did it go wrong?
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Political arc snoozefest.
>political arc as anime
Cant wait for half of next season to be resident sleeper. This is gonna be so fucking bad.
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>Cant wait for half of next season to be resident sleeper.
>resident sleeper.

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I just read up on this and now they're on a fucking boat. Meanwhile chapters come slow as fuck. Just end me now.
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Pariston is trash.
I wanna see a fucking Leorio fight already. He's my guy.
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Welcome to hiatusxHiatus Faggot. Grab a seat. It's going to be a long ride. Togashi is in a contest with Miura to see who can stay on a boat the longest.

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I'm missing Mikan the best TLR girl already.
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I want to hold Mikan down and inseminate her.
So she's completely okay with being naked in front of him and him washing her now? When did this happen?

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Why can't I find volume 4 or 5 of the mango?
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Dem DFC.
What are the yryr oppai rankings anyway? I'm guessing something like:

Everyone else perflat
They stopped translating the stuff that got adapted to anime, then picked up after season 2 left off.
It sucks for people who prefer reading manga, but at least it's a good adaptation.

What was the best episode of Jump Ryu and did it help you with your own art?
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What is this, even?
Jump artists filming and talking you through their process.
>did it help you with your own art?
No. I don't give a fuck.

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