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You heard him NEET's
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Goku is like the ultimate NEET, though. He's never done anything but stupid shit.
I don't wanna here that shit from fucking Goku of all people>>153078691

Goku has trillionaire friends, access to an infinite supply of wishes, and he could make millions himself if he cared to beat up people for prize money.

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This is where Neon Genesis Evangelion, the greatest anime ever made was created.

Really makes you think....
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What are those things in the parking spots? If you don't pay the meter they pop up and keep your car there?
>The infrastructure needed to operate a coin park consist of two simple lumps of steel — one that rises up under, or in front of your car after you park, and another in which to deposit coins to make the first piece of steel lower itself. This allows you can drive away without ripping off your exhaust system.

>You are typically given three minutes to park in your chosen spot properly and retract your mirrors, before the very low-geared bar slowly rises with a faint electric whir. A position sensor then clicks, lowers the bar a few millimeters, and then locks it place not touching your car. Cars with soft under-bellies, plastic side skirts or similar have no fear of contact damage due to the low gearing and auto-stop function.
Neat, wouldn't work in places with high riding large wheeled vehicles though.

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>The perfect waifu doesn't exi-
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>clannad threads on /a/ are completely dead

I wish more people here talked about it.
Nagisa is basically the perfect girl to me, minus the whole dying thing.

>story begins with the main couple having completely different worldviews
>which is why they are antagonistic to each other
The first part is what a lot of harems and romcoms need I think. The (often tsundere) main lead has no good reason to be so tsun tsun to the MC. Sometimes there's a bad history thrown in (MC and girl fell out in the past, MC and girl were mortal enemies, etc) but more often than not those are poorly handled

I think it's an easy thing to add, conflicting ideologies. Why doesn't Japan do it more often?
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You mean like Spirit Circle?
That one was good too. Mizukami knows how to tell a story
Why is Erina wearing that?

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I just finished watching Naruto and I don't understand all the hate it gets. I would go so far as to say it's a masterpiece. Why does /a/ hate it so much?
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We dont hate Naruto,only the fandom but holy shit fuck Shippuden
weak bait desu senpai
/a/ doesn't hate it, stop this meme.

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Multidimensional charachters
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UMR > Komaru > Milf form
>multidimensional characters
Posts 3 different 1d characters

Where you dropped as a child?
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question mark.jpg
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How do you translate lolicon into english?
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It translates to closet pedophile.
Closet isn't implied. It just means pedophile
True connoisseur

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Chuu2 S2.webm
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Why did everyone hate it?
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Too much Rikka
Anon he asked why everyone hate it not why everyone love it.
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Chuu2 Spin.webm
2MB, 640x360px
But it has a lot of Nibutani and Dekomori.

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Rank em
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What's with the shit quality
#1 Succubus
Don't care about the rest because they don't come anywhere close to being as good.
All garbage.

akame and night raid are a group of black hearted psychopaths who kill civilians for a living. prove me wrong.
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You just described Esdeath
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When will Esdeath clone get her own anime?

In which the gems get raped.

Right, i know there are a couple of people who read this besides me.
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File: img000002.jpg (558KB, 1000x1429px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dyke possesses MC's body
>becomes the alpha that we've always wanted

Why is this allowed?
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Flute isn't a dyke
She just can't restrain Kazuya's horniness when she possesses him
She's a dyke in spirit. She's a dyke but not a lesbian.
and this is?

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What's your favorite type of anime girl swimwear?
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birthday suit.
One-piece swimsuits all day every day.

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who in the heck thinks this thing in the autist harness is actually cute?
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I do. No need to be rude about it.
Wait you don't?
Why doesn't she just wear her head?
And where is her horse?

Do you watch any shows where you never skip the opening?
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All of them. Skipping the opening is cancer, I thought people were joking with these threads for the longest time.
I always watch the OP then close my media player and delete the file as soon as the ED starts. All manually
I always watch them unless i'm binge watching a show from my backlog. Even thwn if it's generic I usually skip it, but more than half I don't.

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