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Was this the best storytime in /a/'s history? What are some other notable storytimes or events that's happened in /a/ in the past?

Also, general screencap/famous /a/ moments thread
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I miss Gash threads.
I do too anon.

I just wish the series got discussed more in general. Aside from the storytime, they all seem to die after less then 15 posts and one only gets made every 3-4 weeks.

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Do you guys still like this series? There's been a lot of hate recently, largely towards Haruhi herself and it seems like more people are dislike the show than liking it if they see it nowadays.
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Who cares?
Move on.
I like it a lot. I don't think it is a masterpiece, but it has some solid episodes in the first season, like the baseball episode and the murder mystery.

The movie is very good, but overrated, i.e, it is not the best anime movie ever made, as many claim. It was clearly made to ingratiate fans, and not made to present interesting ideas.
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4th February will be 7 years since last official Haruhi anime.

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>MC ends up with an anime original character
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Name fourteen trillion five hundred sixty-eight billion eight hundred twenty-nine million six hundred seventy-two thousand four hundred seventy-nine (14,568,829,672,479) shows that do this.
>Childhood friends gets the MC
>no face because it's never going to happen
Happened once
Happened a couple of times

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What went wrong?
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your dad didn't pull out

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Just started this, why is she such a bitch?
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Read this at your own risk.
She wins.
You'll learn to like her.

Also best girl appears on episode 8 or so.
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pls dont insult my wife

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The infinite tsukuyomi wasn't a bad thing
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>murdering people is okay as long as you murder EVERYBODY
They get to experience happiness in augmented reality for life
But was murder even necessary?

What is Junko scheming?
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Making wars to make money from the sidelines
She was way sexier than any of the girls.

Kazamatsuri Bond.
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Did people really stopped caring about this show?
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Earth... saved.
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Reposting fruits of my hard work.

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Sword boys S2 confirmed
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Thought that was a girl...
That happens to me a lot with this series
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A lot of fans went to the event venue. Makes me wonder how many went there just for the merchandise.

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This is what lolis are for.
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I'd really like to know where this loli comes from.
Is there a way to search with webms? Google images obviously doesn't work, saucenao doesn't either
You can take a screenshot then search
You could have googled 'hakua anime'

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please tell me that i am not the only one who noticed this
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The only thing similar is their haircut.
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Please tell me that I am not the only one who noticed this.

Your waifu/husbando is only allowed to have sex with you if they cosplay this character. Which character is it?
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Themselves naked.
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>Your waifu/husbando is only allowed to have sex with you if they cosplay this character. Which character is it?
Take off her clothes and open her gate of Babylon

Say something nice about Nui.
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She was really easy to animate.
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Yare Yare Daze
She has two more holes to fuck than most girls

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Why does everything made by Studio Trigger look so hideous?
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Terrible artists.

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What's the best thing about Shimakaze?
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inb4 trapfags
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doujins about cute boys becoming cute girls

I don't know, but the worst thing about her is that we'll never have a good Shimakaze thread about her again.

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