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ITT: Best girls who won

Bonus points if surprise win
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I'll start.
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The winner that caused maximum assblast.

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why are tsunderes so unlikable?
Oh look budget Fate.

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Pic related is cutest outfit
quick reminder that someone actually did this

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you're speaking my language

hora! say something nice for Kobeni
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best waifu of DokaKobo here .
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someone can translate this?

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Is it possible to create a battle seinen with powerlevel and good character development?

Pic no related
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>with powerlevel
For what purpose?
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>Code Geass
>Death Note
>Hellsing Ultimate
>Gurren Lagann
>Darker Than Black
>Lovely Complex
>Denno Coil
>Lucky Star

10 years ago, all of them, incredibly succesful in their respective genres and all within a year of eachother...
where did the industry go? Did it rise? Did it fall?
Were any missed? did you move on from former waifus? Do you still have a waifu from this age?

Will we look on 2017 with nostalgia in 2027 you think?
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What the FUCK happened?
Crunchyroll and gay shit
Still upset that Bamboo Blade never got a second season

If Chi Chi thinks being smart enough to make money is more important than training hard to be a demi-god, why doesn't she just have Goku go SSB and rob banks? Nobody on earth (or even the Universe for that matter, besides Beerus of course) could touch him.
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It is about having a respectable job. Goku is a jobless bum and has no status to show off.
She wants her grand children to have a grandpa to look up to, a productive member of society that's well respected for his dedication. It's not about the money, it's about the reputation.
You're forgetting the whole japan/china culture aspect.

Goku could conquer the world, have piles of gold, whatever.But she wants Goku to be a respectable partner, someone respected in society and liked- and who earns money.

To her, Goku's a kid , a bum who earns no money of his hobby.

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ghost girls thread
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My daughter is the cutest ghost.
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Sayo Aisaka.jpg
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snail emoji.jpg
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quick /a/, what was the last anime in which a pregnant character was predominantly featured?
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Flip Flappers
I hate fetishes that are only hot in 2D.

Why are pregnant characters so cute?

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best miss kobayashi moment so far?
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>file name

I'm glad all of you burgers will be watching the handegg tomorrow and not infesting /a/ with your fat asses.
Do you really think that there's a significant community overlap between anime and football?

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Subaru from Houkago no Pleiades might be the sweetest and most loving mahou shoujo heroine of all time. She is very protective of and affectionate towards everyone.
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Makes me want to break her
Thanks but I like my mahou shoujo MCs to have an actual personality.
Those threads were nice, and nothing /a/ says now can ruin them.

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How do you feel about Nasuverse? Do you think it's well constructed?

Do people even care about stuff like Gaia, Type-Earth and make sense out of it?

Pic partially related I guess.
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I like fish. Specially smelly ones.
its one of the best universes for appealing to the weeb vn and anime audience, and is extremely versatile. has little bits of it that pull in people who wouldnt usually get obsessed over the same universe - the inclusion of historical figures for example. and its got your typical slice of life parts and your typical action parts, manages to use sex scenes to appeal to pervs, etc. just really vast in terms of who it can appeal to. the concept of it is fucking genius.

however its kind of sloppy and doesnt seem much more than a huge bin of concepts from all over the place, and although the combination of things is very original it doesnt have anything new to really bring to the table.
Is interesting, the world building he has been doing for the last couple of years is interesting. The revelations we had last year had a huge impact in the lore and revitalized the discussion.

I like it.

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I want to look and smell EXACTLY like Sharo.
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you want to smell like fish?
What does she smell like?
Sharo gets bullied in class for stinking

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Can Shiki kill Shiki?
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Can Shiki kill the concept of being Shiki?
threadly reminder that nanaya > ryougi
No need to remind, it's a common sense

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So I was teleusis Experiments Serial Experiments Lain, for the first time on the internet (or more as THE WIRED haha) and it to me ue enech a ture enhancemence of the Viewing Experience Lain. Its fike i ware spotching in the Wired IN ACTUALITAD and really Makes me relage for Lain's experiance and entitudes.

Now am Become Actually IN the Wired (hehe) i'ts have a Much Fuller undastuding of the teleprogram. Setial Expeticients Lain is the show abuot Lain, the menangerie Chacheter whose wish to deliver only the Finest Pizza yet World ware't wready for hit... sutun. The WIRED is concated thru the Lainbrain which wokes a Mainframe for Every Single Humanbaing to Intecontect in Same faction the Jungian Uncolle? Well the MetaSoschemial poteptry of the InterWider stants to me much Clarely now becase I ware there IN ACTUALITAD.

The Watch imporoved its untastuding to me even more from entrading the Wired for my first time views: The Bare Suite? Makes Me sense now. Intedet loves Animals and Lain ware the Suite as Loves by the Intedet/WIRED she the Cute Animal Suite. The Alain Chrischen? Well Chrischen for birth on the INEDET. ON the WIRED. and its all to me clarety acause I WARE THERE.

Inparticularly came the Chorus System, many such Intelligent Lines delivered by Communial Members, such like Fruuf whose sends:
"wow im not really sure what i watched what i watched has but anyone noticed dominues end the semichora or less deliverence from pizza. Instead of 30 now they takes anyone before 30-50 minutia justs for simpel orders such as 3 or 4 lager pizza. I'm am #donewithdominos now its a #pizzahutslut."
Now Its like im really There on the Show its Wired technograms for the people by the people to the ends of discution of Only The Best Pizza.

Great Tepetiton. Glad I've Undastud now.

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Uhhh if you do not understand what Orr who lain (Serial Experiments) is supposed to represent then don't even bother posting. You obviously do not realize the connection between the other and LAIN along with Lain. If you are so inclined to learn more then please do your proper research because it is clear that you are UNKNOWN.
Holy shit shut the fuck up about this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a life you fucking autist.
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