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post good anime
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>recommendation thread


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Literally 10/10 couple.

Sanae & Akane fanboys can go kill themselves.
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kys faggot

Stay mad slut fanboy.
Shouldn't this post be on tumblr?

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Seriously, how do we fix the huge shit sales problem? I can't bear to see good and even high budget anime selling only 1-2k copies, each season the majority of the shows sell under 3k.
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We need to write a letter
stop pirating anime through nyaa and some private tracker and your favorite IRC channels, buy those expensive Bluray Discs when they become available on Japan
Apparently the industry is moving away from reliance on disc sales, though gradually since most Japanese companies are leery of new things. Also studios don't necessarily benefit from disc sales unless they produce the discs themselves, so it's kind of a moot point with regards to supporting the creators of anime.

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PA Works' magnum opus.
that would be NnA
Tari Tari might not even be in their top 5

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Is Sora no Woto a masterpiece?
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Yes, unless normalfags start to like it, in which case it's shit.
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Yes, Absolutely.
Yep. Wish there was more merchandise for it.

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Goddammit what a disappointment!
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Kyoani carrying a season once again.
>Konosuba 2, Demi-Chan, Gab Dropout, Maid Dragon, ACCA 13, Masamune-kun, LWA
Pretty good actually
nah, i like it

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don't mind me, just gonna post some nice majors with nice thick floofy hair
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After which arc Naruto became shit for you?
Pic related
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After Pain ark
The second they did the timeskip

The Naruto vs Sasuke fight on the lake was where the series ended in my canon
After the first few ones.
I'd say at around the 30th episode mark, it just kind of starts going to shit. Not at a rapid rate, but very surely still.

It vexes me too, because I really liked the world and setting, and the characters and plot was quite alright. It's like Kishimoto had some really good initial ideas but then ran out and spent years and years producing mediocrity (with the odd awfulness).

Everything about Naruto as a series feels like wasted potential.

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Ive tried 5 fucking times to watch this, I just fucking cant people everywhere praising it so im like ill give it a try

All I see left and right is trash when does this shit get good
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Never actually watched it but my impression was that most people didn't like it as a whole, they only liked it for Kumagawa.
read it you fucking retard
It's pretty bad. The main girl is the absolute worst and they have the main guy fall for her. It actually pisses me off how much crap this guy goes through for this girl and the entire time she keeps him at arms length. Not even worth finishing.

>inb4 "she's supposed to be an unlikeable mary sue
>inb4 they get married so the MCs suffering is justified
No, it's all garbage. Semi-interesting premise becomes power-level wankery and suffering.

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Diana just bullied you're waifu in public. Is that ok with you?
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You call that child's play "magic?" Watch this!
But Diana is my waifu.
I would divorce my waifu and bully her with Diana.

Why's Ako so much better than other MCs from this season?
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But she's stupid, selfish, and generally insufferable?
>I prefer MCs who are mature individuals like me!

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>ITT: anime titles that sum up your life
i'll go first

Bang dream
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I thought I was the only one that is watching Bang Dream.

It is good to know there are others.
Ghost in the Shell.
Kill Me Baby

what the fuck am I watching
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Something you chose to watch.

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Just wanna remind /a/ that no matter how handsome, badass, or how many goofy ORO~ faces he does, he doesn't deserve happiness because he's a fucking murderer of hundreds maybe more.
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I'm afraid everyone knowing about him already left /a/, OP.
Why should I care about the people he's killed?
They literally cite all of his high profile victims in the third live action movie during his mock execution. It's less than a dozen. Everyone else who died simply did so because they got in his way. You can't count the people he killed after he left the shadows, since he was just a regular soldier. Battousai did nothing wrong.

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So how likely is A team going to lose this?
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Man I want to like this manga/anime but the damn protagonist is such a generic shonen hero.
They're going to lose just to prove that team work i is more important than individual skill.

And then have to work on developing their teamwork skills?

I think I'm ok with it, and it's potentially a moment where Soma could genuinely teach Erina something he has down pretty solidly.

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