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This is a boy.
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Common, it's 2017.
Very astute of you.
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This is a Japanese werewolf.

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What does Shinka think of you?
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Nothing, because I am not real

She's wondering why I would lie and not take responsibility for the baby in her belly when I said I would at first.
That's not nice.

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When's someone going to take Shinobu's place as top vampire loli?
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You mean Evangeline's place?
>she's a loli just because she looks like one

I want LRD to go.
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You mean Hazuki's place, right?

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Pick one.
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Sweet Jesus I can't do it...
I choose the best option.

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until you like it.png
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Should I post this image everyday until you like it?
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but i already like it.
I would really hate that

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>People still think this faggot will get a happy ending

Even if he survives the series and gets a girl, he's destined to be unhappy forever. Winner girl will die, turn out to be a horrible person, or leave in some other hurtful fashion. You aren't getting your fluffy romance. Any of you.
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We all know he's going to end with Kuroko anyways.
"If" this shit ever ends he's probably going to end up with Misaka or Index. I'd be totally cool with Touma dying in the ending but shit.
Doesn't refute what the original post says. In fact, it strengthens the point.

How can you boys fap to this

This is not erotic
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Use punctuation.
Hartmann doesn't appreciate people who can't do that.
>a thigh bare butt is not erotic
Are you some sort of mormon?
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Yeah. how dare people fap to bare butts?

Holy shit yes! My dick is ready for next week!
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She has a cute butt, too.
Will Haruna train with her uncle in the secret Fuji facility?
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Oh yes.

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Aoba likes it IN THE ASS
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But I can't make babies with her that way.
>"anon, just stop already, I can't even feel your pathetic micropenis"
That's Suzukaze-san to you, bub.
You've got some nerve, talking about my wife as if you know her.

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Could a new To Love-ru series possibly lewder than this one?
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>new to love-ru published in a hentai magazine
>tfw new series is about Rito the new harem king's shenanigans and his galatic lewd adventures
Make it real Yabuki-sensei

Yes, it will involve Rito slowly going through the ABC&Hs with each girl while keeping the others in the dark. Once they are all pregnant, they will have no choice but accept the harem.

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Which anime has the best sexy babes to fuck
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Boku no Pico
Boku no Pico man.
Boku no Pico.

In This Corner of The World
A Silent Voice

Kizu Trilogy

Your Name
Milky Holmes
Garo: Divine Flame

King of Prism
She and Her Cat
Detective Conan
One Piece Film Gold
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Kimi no Na wa
faggot Shitkai cocksucker tier:

The best anime of the season, if not of all time.
Fight me
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I agree that its the best anime of the season.
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>"I only enjoy mature anime something something like myself"
>literally your 3rd Josei anime

It's good but there's no discussion besides cuckposting, if you want to call it aots you might as well start drinking alone at home.
Is this a sad show? I've been wanting to watch it but I can't handle any more sad shows. If it's a comfy show with minor inconveniences, I'll watch it but I just need to know if anyone dies in this.

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Miyu has some nice _______
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looking friends.

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>manga gets licensed
>scanlation dies
>discussion dies
Every fucking time.
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Something I was interested in recently got picked up by Seven Seas. Am I fucked, or have they changed from all those horrible stories I heard?

I'm already fucked in the sense of the first volume coming out 6 months after the french release for some reason, but I don't know if the quality will also be awful.
Murcielago got licensed?
yes, thats why there hasn't been any updates

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