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>As a routine survey, NTT Docomo, the largest Japanese mobile phone operator, conducted a new online poll with the users of its anime streaming service dAnime Storeto ask"Which new anime title in the winter 2017 are you watching/planning to watch?" It was held between January 27 and February 3, after all of the new titles started airing on TV. The number of total votes was 36,108 (male: 23,641, female: 10,710, unknown: 1,937). Check the top 30 list below (some of the new titles, like the latest Gintama and Blue Exorcistare not included in the list, because they are currently not available in the service).
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What the fuck is the Unknown?

Why didn't the soldiers immediately say たんじょうび 、おめでとう!?
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They didn't buy her any presents so they were hoping she'd move on and not linger on the subject.
you dont get cool points here for typing japanese, weeb. go back to r/anime or your local discord server
Because it's a German army. They are disciplined.
You don't just congratulate your commanding officer out of turn, and certainly not without the appropriate honorifics.

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Why the fuck would she know how Hamon works?

Also, why didn't Joseph teach Jotaro?
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>Also, why didn't Joseph teach Jotaro?

Because there was nothing Jotaro went up against that required the use of Hamon. Star Platinum alone was working well enough for him
>working for Dio, who got defeated by Hamon 100 years ago
>Why the fuck would she know how Hamon works?
If Jotaro can infused Hamon into SP the final fight would be like an episode long

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return of the worst girl

I do like her sunburst eyes though
Kaguya keeps raising the wrong flags.

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What are you watching this season, /a/non?

I'm watching Kuzu no Honkai and Masamune-kun.
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Akiba's Trip
Bang Dream
Youjo Senki
Chain Chronicle
Little Witch Academia
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Youjo Senki
ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
Akiba's Trip The Animation
Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Gabriel DropOut
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Masamune-kun no Revenge
One Room
Youjo Senki

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Now that the dust has settled. Who would win in a fight between Suiryu and Garou. Would it be a stomp?
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Suiryu. Don't believe Garoufag lies.
>Man fails his arms around like he's actually doing shit
>Man who split an arena in half
This is what's gonna make Saitama think that tableflip is a legit martial arts technique.

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Absence of brain and a strong desire for dick.
She wants my D.
I doubt it

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Introduce us to your shitty waifu via MSPaint.
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thanks for the template
She's not shitty so I won't participate

So I finished the third rebuild last night and while most stuff was pretty straight forward I still need to know

Who the fuck is this? Why is she around? What is her motive? After she was introduced in 2 I thought she would get SOME sort of explanation in 3 but nope.

Eva thread
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He's the symbol of fanservice in this production.

That's all you have to know.
She serves no purpose other than to sell more figures and be a mouthpiece for Anno.
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I love to fap to Mari!

Thanks based Anno!

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New chapter is finally out.
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Ok, why the fuck Ciel from god eater is here?
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Literally pic related but with long blond hair

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>Bully victim falling in love with her bully
Is this the biggest kuck story or what?

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What means cuck for you?
Anything OP doesn't like.
he said kuck not cuck you fuck

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He would be so much more charismatic if he had a Mexican style mustache.
He's dying mate.
I hope we get more character development today and less shogi.

Just finished watching this. What was her problem?
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not enough dick
but she got it in the end
best girl syndrome, that's was her only issue
Being best girl.

>she died virgin
>Akihiro will also die as virgin
>Atra will have baby with cripple

How could this show turn even worse than it already was?
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I am seriously expecting Orga and Mikazuki to get into a battle with each other.
I've been expecting it since S1, ever since it became obvious how much Orga values Mikazuki. But now he has a real motivation to oppose him - to save his life.
only watched a bit of S2 so far.
did this get worse, better or stay the same?
>implying Mika knows sex is what makes babies
>implying there's anyone willing to thrust for him

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( *´،``*)
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I lost all hope for Gintama back then and it sure as hell wouldn't come back for this
>no Zura

The Director has a great filmography.

Have faith

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