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What was this again?
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I think you just posted petty officer Louis Mashengo
yes, but what is that thing doing here?
Guillotine Gorilla

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"Students, today you're gonna see my hot pussy
and each and everyone of you is gonna eat it"
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That's sexual harassment.
Please report yourself.
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But Shinji-kun, don't you want it? Don't you want to become one with me?
I' going to leave now.

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TOC 32-2017.png
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Why can't they study?
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Because they are not gooks
Too much sexual tension
>our doggie
I thought they eat dogs there?

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please tell me that i am not the only one who noticed this
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Is this other girl as bland as Megumi?
kill yourself eririfag
Just played by same actress.

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What an arrogant fucking bitch. Not even in a respectable, ambitious way like Reina but in a completely smug, holier-than-thou, condescending, contemptuous, false way.
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>Not even in a respectable, ambitious way like Reina
>respectable, ambitious way
>like Reina
Anyone else feel robbed of them not showing them playing? And yeah ending was kinda meh, all of a sudden Kumiko is really attached to Asuka?
Kumiko was just projecting her sister into Asuka. She was attached to her because it was the closest thing resembling Mamiko.

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Thank you OP, keep on the good work.
>From: [email protected]
>To: [email protected]

>re: Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai finale

>Fushimi-san, our marketing research found that 19-40 years old males with an incest fetish are more profitable than regular 19-40 years old males; that's due to the fact that males with an incest fetish never get married or start a family so they have more money to spend.
>So, while we're aware that you have a particular ending on mind and the events leading to said ending were set in motion already, we need you to change it: Kyosuke and Kirino need to engage in an incestuous relationship.
>If you find too hard to change the story, we can lend you some of our secondary writers. Regardless of how you handle it, forcing Kirino's victory must be done.

>Dengeki Bunko
>An ASCII Media Works filial
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delusional nekofag.png
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This is just making fun of nekofags, right?

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What's this character archetype called?
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dick slut
A babe.
Dead slut.

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this manga makes my dick go nuts
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It's so unremarkable.
Its subtle eroticism that doesn't rely on skin exposure. A major theme is the appreciation of beauty in the female form on an aesthetic level that is forbidden because current cultural trends separate art into binary porn/not porn categories that leave no room for subtlety.
And the MC is just too fucking cute.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I hate it.
i liek, plz stop post

How is this not an edit? Is this Kino?
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what the fuck happened to this manga
In the end, we gonna discover it was a movie all along.

>apocalyptic setting with cannibals
>naw, just sol with incest and hungry people
>naw, apocaplyptic revenge story
>naw, comedy of apocalyptic revenge story
>naw, it's a...I forgot
good lord this manga is all over the place.

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Is he a pedophile??
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He is a Re:Tard.
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Technically... yes. He's in his 40s and is still in love with a woman who was in her late 20s when she died.
Did you know that the pedo in pedophile stands for "child".
If the object of your desire has gone through puberty or is at an advanced stage of puberty, pedophilia is not the correct term to describe your infatuation with that person.

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S5 when??
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After movie
Who's the target audience for this garbage?
And Pedos.

T. Pedo

was Sena no pan?
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She was best girl by miles
I don't know but she's a poop.
Taking in count she doesn't even dress herself up, maybe sometimes.

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>muh way
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I want her to lose her way all over my dick.

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These are Lalatina's oppais. Say something vulgar about them you mongrels.
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saggy baggy
faggy saggy laggy baggy naggy draggy
I want to suck them repeatedly until lactation is induced.

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