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Starting with a fan-favorite
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Shameless self-bump
Can anyone beat him?
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Although i think he should't be a meme.

Why does /a/ shower so much attention on Oomuro Hanako, age eight (8), but so little on Oomuro Nadeshiko, age eighteen (18)?

*hard lesbian
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Hanako is ideal breeding age.
Because Hanako is sexy.
This is, from a biological standpoint, false. Even assuming a girl that young can get pregnant (which is far from a guarantee) childbirth would be incredibly dangerous for her due to her small frame, and undeveloped hips.

No autism allowed. Nobody cares about your problems.

I'm curious, how many enjoy the Gear 4 ? I really like the kabuki inspiration.
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It's OK. Wouldn't have wow'd me as much as vulcanisation or turning into Mr Fantastic would have done though.
It's alright but it's drawbacks are heavy. Every since Doffy mentioned him being close to awakening I've been eager to see that. If it can manage to be a powerup without any serious drawbacks it'd be a nice way for him to step up in the new world.
Gear 4 is ugly and trash. It doesn't exploit the properties of rubber and as a generic powerup it isn't interesting or engaging.

It's rubbish when you consider what came before it.

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Now that the dust has settled, what's your verdict on Hibike?
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A lesbian themed anime.
S1 is a masterpiece. S2 is great except for the first arc. Ending can be a bit anti-climactic.
What, is that all you've got to say after all the drama?

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>Japanese character has normal eyes
>western characters have slanted eyes
Explain this
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Eyes are the most overrated body part.
I thought he was German.
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No posting two times in a row and no going past one line.
I'll start:
There was a
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magical penis that could fly,
young man who through deus ex machina
Faggot named OP

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What do you have against Erika, /a/?
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Nothing, she's a cute!
Nothing, she was good
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She's a pest.

>girl spends 10 minutes confessing to you
>say you like someone else then go on about how great they are

Why was this garbage so popular? It's taken me half a year to almost finish this show because I can only stand to watch two episodes a month
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Why people want to date someone who killed you?
Stop self inserting faglord.
rem is a cuck and she is going to lose

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The new film is out and it seems like everyone loves it.

What's you're favorite Lupin?
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it's shit, now fuck off.
the woman called fujiko. Truly a masterpiece
It's a good show.

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/a/ is scared of her
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Literally who
She does intimidate me.
All those people are pissing their pants in fear of the Queen of Shibuya

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How did end up being such a letdown?
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>two MCs are socially retarded as a plot point
>MC has convenient amnesia
>extremely important antagonist is only referenced obliquely for almost half the show
>zero information on villain motivations until second-to last episode, and it sucks
>zero plot untl 2/3rds of the way through
>zombie gai

It was shit from the start, fampai.
wasn't hype enough

Why is she such a slut?
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Because she's in love
With cocks maybe.
Wasn't she a gyaru? gyaru are supposed to be sluts

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Why the fuck did nobody tell me this existed?
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you didnt ask
Can't believe Madhouse made this.

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>mfw, I can't influence people's lives with music
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This show has to be the most overrated thing I've seen in my life.

Add some soppy music and a character dying and apparently everyone is doing the waterworks.
Please learn how to post like less of a retard before using /a/, thanks.
>trying to greentext in the subject box

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Find a flaw
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If she eats all the cakes in the world, there will be no more cakes.
More Crystal is confirmed.
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She eats like kindergardener

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