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Can we please discuss [email protected] without the thread going downhill immediately?

That means
>No Rinposting
>No anal idol
>No excessive puchis
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Can we talk about ryona?
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>that one doujin artist who always did [email protected] has finally moved on
The current event in SRW X-Omega features Mujin Gattai Kisaragi.

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Has she becoming showing interest in him lately? Or is it just me? It's just me, right?
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Just you, buddy.

I'll happen eventually, just not now.
I think the same. I think this series will be one of the best romance series of all time; I can feel it.

I can't wait to see what nobel decides to to when and if she reveals toda and how that affects his thinking and their relationship.

I can seriously see it becoming a cute romantic drama right after that will get really good and intense from there on.

I think it'll show growth for both him and nakano that just cuz you can read minds; you can't see the future or expect things what you see from there. I think she'll be surprised and fall for him after that. I think that's what's going to make it super good and enjoyable to read and love. 5 bucks says I'm right.
Progression never

Why does this show makes my dick hard more than any haremshit I've watched before?
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because you're a cuck
Just watched the 2nd episode and they sang the naruto opening from the best arc
I never knew the lyrics were depressing.

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Can we talk about this series?

Notwithstanding the movie, I felt it had an interesting premise and was interesting to watch the characters slowly change over the course of the story.

The music was fantastic and made for 10/10 death scenes.

Anyone else unironically really enjoyed this?
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Yeah it's one of the best Gundams. Whilst S1 might have been the best, S2 was also enjoyable.

I recently read Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and it was really similar to Gundam 00 (just minus the mechs) so if you need a book I think it's worth checking out.
it was shit. it just rehashed gundam wing, only even dumber and you aren't 12 anymore so it isn't cool.
>sexualising Feldt

This is NOT okay, Feldt is pure.

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What if Kubo did a double Kubo and endgame pairing would be pic related instead?
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Then we'd all be living retard-shipper-lala land, like you.
Just read fanfics man.
I always thought she was lesbo

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Do any of you fuckers own this?
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I did at one point. I sold it to a rental place for cigarettes ;)
No because I download my anime
I do

Would you hug and fug Manami in public?

I know I would?
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>hug in public

>fug in public
No, that's wrong.
I'd run her over with a bus and then piss on her corpse.
I thought I had a picture of Kirino puking but it turns out I don't

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How do we save ace, /a/?
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these are starting to be really shitty generals.
I just wanted to talk about newest chapter.
Threads of series that lack new materials always are.

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the truth.png
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That's why KyoAni called special.
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Dumb ESL.
Danna ga was good.

Komori-san was average as fuck.
>3 min
>only one girl
>barely any animation or sakuga
Not even so good as Maidragon was.

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Da floof is da troof
What happened to Nebby?
Who needs that dumb loser when you have Vulpix.

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What is the point of this smelly NEET? Why does she even exist??
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She exists for lewd
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>Antagonist kills the MC
>Show continues as the antagonist as the protagonist
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>mc suddenly finds himself in a fantasy parallel world
>he returns to his wold and lives a normal life
where does this happen?
>something that only happened once
>green text it on template thread

Everyone here wants to fuck Renge chon, right? Just checking.
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If it's a slow day, then I guess.
>wanting fuck a child
what is wrong with you?

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Now that Mami gained such massive powers what will happen to Madoka and Homura?
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Threesome of course
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Massive Mami!
Seriously speaking. Mami now has the power to defeat Homura amd save Madoka. Can Homura fight Mami?

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Why do i never see anyone talking about toriko?
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>because it's over
>because you're never around for wed/thurs
>because you're blind

choose one
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because the hype has ended. The series is a great hit and miss for everyone but it has good hype. Still jump decides to axe it.
Because everything after the century soup arc was shit

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