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Why is Code Geass so shit?
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Newfag first trainwreck with noodle persons
worst thread on /a/ right now

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This is a creature of the night
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>4th season announced
What makes this so good?
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Nothing. But it sells
Actual confirmed ending with babies.
nothing. It has boobs.

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Why do they used the slavic alphabet in Italian theme anime?
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I want to follow this little Hitler on the battlefield.
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She is not a Hitler.
I'm not sure what makes you think she is.
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sure, but if you're following her, then you're one of these guys.

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This is a Nymph
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>What went wrong?
>Why is she so perfect?
>Who X here?
>Would you a X?
>Everyday until X
>Daily Reminder
>You will never mumble mumble
>Mumble mumble Prove me wrong - You can't
>You have X seconds to mumble mumble - You can't
>What does X's Y smell like?
>How do we fix X?
>X a Y
>Which X would you Y?
>/a/ suddenly hates x
>Why is X the only studio willing to take risks?
>About to watch X what should I expect?
>Don't mind me, I'm just posting mumble mumble.
>There are people on /a/ right now who mumble mumble
>What the fuck happened?
>Mumble mumble when?
>What's wrong with VLC?
>Wake up, see this. What do?
>I'll just leave this here
>What's your excuse for not watching X
>X will save anime / I'm here to save anime
>What does /a/ think about X?
>What's the most boring anime you've ever watched?
>X is Love
>Haven't seen one of these in a while
>Is X worth watching?
>yfw x wins da y
>Mumble mumble thread? Mumble mumble thread
>What the fuck did I just watch?
>X confirmed for Y
>Best Key girl
>Why do you still watch moeshit?
>She sees your dick
>Why is this allowed?
>Which anime has the worst fanbase?
>What anime is this semen demon from?
>X becomes the MC of the Y. How fucked is X?
>Could X defeat Y?
>Your waifu's face when X
>It's time.
>Your waifu is now X, do you still love her?
>Was it rape, /a/?
>Weekend waifu drawthread
>All your waifus are wonderful, /a/
>You should be able to solve this
>Let's get a X thread going
>Do X if your waifu is posted
>ITT: overrated shit
>What an utterly useless power
>Date-a-live? More like date a slut am I right?
>I want to protect X's smile
>Why can't I hold all these feels?
>This is your X tonight
>Why did X fail/Why wasn't X popular
>I had such high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode
>So as a joke, I went to my friend's house while wearing X's wig and uniform.
>Ssssh. X is sleeping.
What's this advanced shitposting
/a/ when its not a general thread or news

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Have you accepted Mary as your mistress yet?
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Has this become /u/ or has MC finally stepped up his gamburu game?
Forever stuck in limbo between the two
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>has MC finally stepped up his gamburu game?
MC has noticed his snake in his pants.

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New season of Sailor Moon Crystal under production. Fucking finally, I was actually scared of it being canned or something.
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why would you be scared of them canceling this garbage
They took their damn time to announce this.
But why would that scare you? Crystal sucks ass

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Show me the best side character from the shittiest shows you watched,
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This show was created to sell a LINE app and a manga. Deliquents fight each other and when they lose they get turned into cats. What?


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Will the cat boys pet each other?
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cute fecal bacteria,doing cute things

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Darkside of Dimensions was released internationally last week! Did you catch it at your local cinema?
Everyone loved anon's original storytime, so we're continuing with Yu-Gi-Oh! R volume !
Come and see a [non-canon?] saga set after the battle city arc; featuring the original characters we all love so much!

Can the hole in our hearts Atem's exit leaves ever be filled? If Jonouchi is truely the best duelist, why can't he beat Atem or Kaiba?
Is there a person more incompetent than Shadi? Did Bakura kill shadi? Wasn't he always dead?
Will the japanese ever realize that card-games are shit and story and characters is what makes it great?

Kaz writing a spin-off about the priests in Egypt, or Yugi after DSoD WHEN????
Is Kaiba + Atem Kaz' OTP??

Discuss all that AND more while you- enjoy--!this—!!-storytime!!!

Previous threads
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I'm on episode 3 of FSN UBW.
Some doubts I have for the series
Why didn't Rin just told Archer to attack Ilya? Because she doesn't want to kill Masters? But she says the Grail won't be the real deal if they are not dead or without their Command thingies.
Why is Archer eyes so separated?
Why did Emmya become so tanned when he became Archer?
Can a Hero Spirit be called as any class? Such as can Arturia be called as an Archer, Beserker, etc? In Grand Other they showed that the Irish Lancer was called as a Sorcerer.
I'm liking this so far, I skipped it when it came out since I saw FSN (tv) and the UBW movie and honestly the I didn't enjoy the 1st FSN story much.
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Play the VN
>Why did Emmya become so tanned when he became Archer?
Overuse of projection magic does fucked shit.
>Can a Hero Spirit be called as any class?
No, only classes which they are fit for. Since Arturia also has a lance and Cu Chulainn has rune magic, they are eligible for those particular classes.
Read the VN by the way
Don't fall for the VN meme

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itt: you rage you lose
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Only rage is if you watched this whole series.
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I know one faer.jpg
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This remains the best and most faithful anime adaption we've gotten thus far. Yet it's constantly shit on. I don't get it!
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Good movie. It's extremely faithful in spirit. Most of the criticism it gets is that "It makes my eyes hurt".

More importantly, when is Funimation putting out the fucking BD box?
Fuck off Digi.

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We can agree she was the best, right?
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best girl
At least she didn't rape anyone.
Finally someone that agrees with me.

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