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Aki-sama appreciation thread.
Best Girl of The Season!
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Adagaki Aki?
More like Kusogaki Aki
I love Aki's design, but she's so freaking boring.
>likes to eat
>gets along with girls
>doesn't trust guys
That's all we know about her.
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Soul Eater anime reboot when?
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Never. Even the manga end was just as shit as the original anime. It won't make a difference.

my favorite charachter of naruto and an incredibly underrated shinobi.
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*tips fedora hood*
he looks like he's about to shoot up a school

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So is Horikoshi doing like an american comic-book style thing, or does he just suck at coloring?
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New collab with ESP Guitars to sell the member's instruments featuring
-Kasumi Red Random Star
-Tae Blue Snapper
-Rimi Pink Viper Bass

Tomorrow is also an important day. BanG Dream 3rd Live Sparklin' Party will be held at Tokyo Dome City Hall with live viewing throughout Japan.
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Yuka and Aimi will be at Akibahara Gamers on the 12th.

There will also be ice cream at the concert venue.
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Poppin'Party will be covering Alchemy in GBP.

Reminder that tomorrow is the last day.

sorry, went to bed and the thread was archived this morning

the English episode title for 26' (ONE MORE FINAL: I Need You) refers to the messaged typed by Maya's 'Ritsuko' transition guide on the former's laptop during Third Impact. It's also speculated to be what Gendo says to Ritsuko before shooting her. In both circumstances the veracity of the words is in question. As an episode title it reflects Shinji's revelation that human interaction can be both rewarding (the words taken at face value) and harmful (the words being suspicious in nature).
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also the Japanese title is "Sincerely Yours", not 'My Purest Heart For You', that's an overly literal translation

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I love Hakase!
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I want to decorate her skin with my semen.
Is this Akiba's trip thread? New ep when?

Is there a single set of characters that had as big a turnaround both in terms of powerlevels and going from a annoying faggot to huge bros as Kanchome and Folgore?
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Also thread theme

Idk but I still cry everyteim while re-reading the manga.
>Kiyomaro's revival
>We can be a family
>Umagon's backstory
>The final goodbye
Such a good ride.
While they were quick bros, it took almost the entire series for Kanchome to become legitimately overpowered. Of course, illusions are incredibly useful depending on how clever you are, which is the only reason they lasted so long, but you get my point. Either way, to answer your question: no, I don't think there is. I certainly can't think of any that come close.

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Do VNs not have editors? I'm sure someone would have realised how dumb it sounds if another person looked at it
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>hating on the cautionary tale of what happens when you don't give your sister the dick
What do you expect from an amateur translation?

Kiko is considered Urobuchi's best written VN, it's very well polished.

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What are your opinions on this manga?
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I like it a lot, but it updates too slow.
Reminds me of Defense Devil.

Ain't gonna last and lose track of what made it good at first.
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What is it like? Bunch of edgy dudes with guy fawkes masks?

why is everyone in season 4 so gay
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Wouldn't you be if you were surrounded by so many excellent wides?
Didn't the one on the left say she held hands with and fucked boys at some point?

It's been a while since I watched the series.
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You'd be gay too if all your friends were semen demons.

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Its Saturday!
And this time, we finally get real Mr. Bond
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Get in, anons
>tfw Bond doesn't get to choose his own actions
Well. It is his out-of-time alter-ego deciding for him.

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/The Gamer/ thread
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Neither anime or manga, fuck off.

Fan theory: Ergo Proxy and Michiko to Hatchin are set in the same universe. Discuss.
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Samurai Flamenco too.
But I don't like Brazil.

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Can Tanya, Akko and Megumin be friends?
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Tanya no.
Akko and Megumin yes.
Tanya and Megumin yes.
Akko no, she would only get in the way of the wanton mass destruction.
Akko is too stupid for other 2.

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