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Esdeath - Hetza.jpg
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ITT: 0/10 series with 10/10 girls
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>10/10 girls
Pic unrelated.
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>0/10 series with 10/10 girls
Can't think of any
If the girls were 10/10 then the series is worth watching / reading just for them, which means they can't be 0/10.
I guess this comes close though. This and her mom, rather.
Esdeath is 4/10 at best.

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Random cavity searches are the price of freedom
great! who is the father? Iroha is already 4 month pregnant with mine. maybe we could get the kids get together if they are different genders or girls.

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What went wrong?
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I get the feeling Jin had all of these neat story ideas for songs that vaguely connected into a plot but when it came time to tell the whole thing he had no idea how to execute it, or have the stories actually connect in a plausible way.
The song parts took up too much time in the anime. Also, the animation quality was awful.

All of his best ideas aren't even from the songs though.
Vocaloid anime are always terrible by default. It just doesn't work.

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Why is this series so highly rated?
Chuuni MC
Generic Tsundere
Slow First Half
Boring ass D-Mail arc
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Because you watched the anime like a filthy fucking secondary and probably dubbed or the official subs.
Are you a newfag or a Japanese speaker whose still into niwakashit like Steins;Gate?

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>kyoanus faggot is mad because his show is shit
No need to get upset just because LBA keeps falling in the rankings while Maidragon keeps climbing and is about to beat your show in Twitter followers even though LWA twitter is like 2 years old and Maidragon's was just hastily created 4 months ago.
Why is she so hyper and annoying

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About how long do you wait before giving up all hope of that series you really liked getting another anime season despite having enough manga material for one?

Also, what's worse, watching a series brand new and slowly losing hope for another season over time, or watching an old show off your backlog and looking at its anime release date on Wikipedia and seeing it's been out for many years, and having an instant wave of hopelessness.
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I never give up hope. I just let it rot inside of me until it's an ugly charred little thing screaming helplessly.
I always just assume anime I like will never get another season. So that way I never get disappointed and get a pleasant surprise if it somehow actually does happen.

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Sesuji Wo Pin -.jpg
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oh fug

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Is Blue Exorcist worth watching if I just want a fun shonen? The new season has me wanting to give it a shot.
Side note, every piece of fanart I've seen of this fucker is pure cringe.
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Are you a fat stinky NEET girl?
You have your answer.
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Lmao, that bad, huh?
Lurk 2 years before posting again.

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keima x chihiro.jpg
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Why do so many people dislike this pairing?
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I loved them. I enjoyed the tears back then
Because Wakaki literally doesn't know how to write, and fucked up his manga with those last couple arcs.
Also, the idea of Keima ending up with a "3D" girl just makes me uncomfortable.
Because fuck Chihiro was a cunt during the goddess arc.

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It is such a shame that there has been threads in which someone thinks the doujins are canon. At least I have a chance at her unlike males.
>completely defeated the cock

I don't get it. Can you explain?
Lesbians or just not taking it in general after it was offered and/or forced (rape).

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Last chapter translated by Summaryanon for reference:

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>Downplaying Subaru's confession Edition

Gee, I wonder who made THIS thread?
fuck off
Too bad that it's not downplayed

Did /a/ like the twins back when Overlord was airing?
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>liking a race that is made for fuck
Not sure how to take that.
lord knows I don't remember a single thing about that show

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>Story about fictional LN/game/manga characters becoming real and desiring to kill each other and their creators

Anyone else cautiously excited by the meta potential?
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It will be a disappointment, I just know it.
But I may enjoy it anyway.
As long as it is not just "Fate: Videogames edition" it would be amazing.

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>OP starts playing
>your gut tells you that you're watching an awesome show
>it turns out to be shit
What's her name, /a/?
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Code Geass.
Muv Luv.
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sea cat witch.png
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Umineko. The only thing the anime did right was the OP.

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Challenge: Say something you liked about DBGT.

> Hard mode: No SSJ4
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Goku's Gi looks better than the EoZ Gi
Golden Oozaru

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