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Is he going to play a major role in new Code Geass?
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Cat can get geassses as well.
>implying he wasn't the mastermind behind all that happened so far.
That would be awesome, this cat is so based

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Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
I live in Japan which is relatively small island surrounded by seas.

This scenery is not a surprise, unless I live in Gensokyo or something.

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Who has the strongest plot armor?
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Rito Yuuki
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do i have to pause and read every damn sentence that flashes on the screen?
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only if you're slow reader, and want to read them.
No, shaft does this shit all the time. It is only there for autists who want to pour over over frame.

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How can one be so perfect?
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I like Hatoko but it's hard to hate Tomoya because she's a cute dork.

But more importantly, is this true?
>not picking yellow

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Why is she such a bitch
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Edgy Satania spinoff when
Her endgame is to bully Satania to the verge of utterly breaking down, after which she will apologize and provide her with comfort. And possibly take advantage of her vulnerability one way or another.
Basically half of Sataniafag's fantasy.

Why didn't I watch this earlier? This looks amazing.
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It's got buttstuff
It's full of hot katsudons
The animation doesn't hold up so don't get your hopes too high, it gets very QUALITY for a while. The story and characters easily compensate though, providing you enjoy the purest form of love.

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Is madokami kill? Where do we read manga now?
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Buy the fucking manga.
But it's still up. What are you on about?

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Post waifus so rare that they dont even have a price on the waifu market and most of /a/ has no idea who they are. I mean those waifus that dont even have a name maybe.
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>I love shaft!
>only watches monogatari
>doesn't know Shaft's Magnum Opus
Is that Mr. Popo's daughter or black goat girl?

I'm sure that's not elf.
Good taste, my nigga. Gash Bell is underrated as fuck.

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Sex with Fujiko?
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I would prefer to remain STD free thanks.
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I'd take them for a weekend with her.
Every man would. 99% only get teased.

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What is the most inspirational anime you have ever watched?
Pic unrelated, but it's adorable
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Funny enough, that one. The visual novel made me really happy with the way Shirou and Archer developed, the ufotable anime renewed that because it was handled so damn well.

If you mean inspired me to do something with my life, the Summer Wars movie inspired me to quit my shitty job and find one I was actually happy with.
Sport anime basically.
Make me wanna workout.
Kuroko no Basuke makes me wanna play basketball, until I play basketball, then I never wanna play basketball again

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Steins gate 0 anime is in production
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I want to lick her tights.
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Wow, thanks!
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When reading manga do you listen to music or read in silence
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Read in silence. Music is too distracting.
When you're lost on the road, you turn down the music to focus.
Atmospheric music if I care about it
Silence if it's just shit I'm reading to pass the time

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On a scale of 0 to Kaiba, how obsessed is your rival?
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Not very.
Kaiba-ish, man doesn't want to calm down so he keeps using his powers on me to defeat me the "devil himself".
The madman got mad because I stole his gf but not my fault I'm the sexiest, nicest and most handsome brunette guy that ever existed.

t. 2D battle harem MC

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Get in the robot Shinji.
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You wasted dubs on this?

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