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Now that the dust has settled: Rei or Asuka?
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How is this even a question?
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best girl

Was it autism?
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No, it was PTSD
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No, it was cute
Autism isn't cute.
Renge is always cute.
If its cute, its never autism.

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>De gozaru!
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That way of speaking pisses me off.
Sex with Yukikaze.
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This is the sexiest character in JoJo and you CANNOT argue otherwise.
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Damo fucked Hato, a supermodel, twice.
That's the power of charisma.

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What were these girls made for
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I don't know about the rest, but Kate is made for conquering my dick
Middle is made for breeding
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Why do you praise an anime whos summary result is that you need to stop squandering your life on anime and become an adult?
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Eva was boring.

Gurren Lagann was better.

Lagann was a terrible anime with no deeper message then superficial mega-robot fights.

It's Naruto level trash.

Is that the moral of the story? I thought that the moral was 'Terrible things happen, and you can't do anything about them. Just move on, and go with the flow'.

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Do you want to read a story about a demon who gets married to a loli?
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>these are Japanese middle schoolers
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>This is a half-Japanese high-schooler

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This is a good show, watch it /a/
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Why did not you watch it while it was airing anon.

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y-y-you should probably like it by now!!!
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I love it.
dumb sataniaposter
Just keep posting the fish every day.

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So... when are they gonna make the anime already? C'mon.

Has there been a good comedic gore show recently?
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While I like yuri, the yuri-ness of the manga is actually one of my least favorite parts. I just like the main character, the fight scenes and how brutal shit gets

But yeah if you hate yuri the main character loves her some snatch
I forgot that this got licensed.

So no discussion anymore.

It's been over 6 years

Is this still the biggest trainwreck of a release?
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Rei is a toilet
that's the best one, why do so many of you hate it?
Them playing the piano was the only redeeming moment. I fucking hate Anno.

What did she mean by this?
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I'm surprised that this got made into an OVA, because the original work was really bad. I only really remember the 'hero's' (I don't know what he's supposed to be able to do, some kind of superpower?) childhood friend being raped a lot.
I ship that guy and mc's childhood friend. I was hoping for character development of the two

Didn't she get raped twice?

I'm wondering what MC can even do. Like, the title implies that he's the Holy Knight, but he's kind of a complete faggot.

I mean, this isn't as soul-crushingly depressing as Blush! DC, but it can get there.

Rolling with TLs so I'm just gonna keep the momentum moving. Have some /ourqueen/.

Last thread >>152898921 so TS anon can keep track of what we got through so far.
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122: Getting it on!!!!

middle one is best
Hyouho Prefecture
Shinkoube Station

"I'm finally baaack!"
"I couldn't get an unreserved seat... and I was standing for 2 hours nonstop..."
"Next time I won't be so stingy and get a reservation..."

"Welcome back"

"Miyata-chan!? Wha? Wha?"
"Why're you here?"

"I knew you were coming back today..."
"So I couldn't just stay still..."
"Huh? Really?"

A-Because Dragon Ball Super gets threads everyday and this could be fun af.

Q-How do i record myself?
A-http://vocaroo.com/ or use audacity.

Q-What do i deliver?
Just the TV version. (0 - 1:20)
But, even if you just sing a paragraph, it will be good enough.

Q-How do i deliver?:
A.- I would prefer if you could send the original clip to [email protected] to guarantee higher quality, but you can also post your vocaroo link on this thread.

Q-What do i sing?

Q-At which pace?
(0-1:20 only, tho)

Of course, you have to put on earbuds so only your voice is heard.

Q-Do we have a time limit?
A-No, but if we get at least 20 people, it will be enough for the song to be made and i wont accept any more unless the ones i got are crap.

Q-Who will edit it?
Q-But i dont want to wake up my parents!
Then don´t participate, this is for cool kids only.
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>Not Cha-La-Head-Cha-La
We already did cha la head cha la
Also, bump

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