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So /a/, how is my taste in anime?
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Fuck off to MAL.
>Seitokai Yakuindomo
>anywhere above "worse than garbage" tier

I bet you also laugh at family guy.

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Why is Salad such a semen demon?
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She has nice feet.
I want to put mayonnaise on that Salad!
She's stuck with the name "Salad" so she's needs all of the protein she can get.

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Consider the following
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looks good
Terrible taste. Should start max from flat to B/C and then start going down till D is 0. However bigger boobs are still good if they are in tight clothing.
>flat and A that unattractive

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Anime character that's literally you
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That fat guy from Higashi no Eden.

I'm not fat or good with computers, I just pretend like I sound like OoT Link when I talk.
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ITT: Discuss how the Japanese military fight against the Empire military if the Empire in GATE were advanced like "Saga of Tanya the Evil".
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Aoi Yuuki vs Risa Taneda
No dicks will be left standing.
Itami has Ruari which can tank everything.

The Elf can fuck with the elements and blue wizard can EXPLOSION

Itami can call in modern day air support also their AA guns are much stronger today than WW1

Itami wins.

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Left or Right?
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both aren't boys, so neither.
I'm pretty sure this is a package deal.

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This show isn't about Normalfags,it's about what NEETs think normalfags do all day long,i.e. cucking and fucking each other.

Every single person in this show is a unlikeable cunt with emotional issues that need years of therapy
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I think you missed the point.
The problem is about the realistic depiction of sex. As in, sex not actually being that big of a deal, despite what most anime would have you believe.
Well, ALMOST realistic I should say. Since she's still a "virgin".
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I just watch it because the girls are cute.
Is this show the best thing that happened to /a/?

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Yuno's story is absolutely heart-breaking. First World Yuno is physically and emotionally abused by her parents, and feels as though her life has no hope, no meaning, and no future. The abuse is severe. She is sometimes left inside of a cage and starved for such long periods she has to eat the carpet. She is eventually driven to insanity by her abusive parents, and accidently kills them. Now, with the tiny hope she had of eventually fixing things with her parents gone, she feels even more so than before that her life is meaningless.

One day, a boy named Yuki from her school, promises to marry her one day. This gives her hope again. Hope that she can one day have a bright future, be loved by someone (something she has never experienced), and be happy. She becomes completely emotionally dependent on Yuki, and her dreams of the future with him. Her love for him and that hope for the future are the only thing that keep her "sane".

Then, a God decides that her and the only person in the world she feels as though can save her from her horrible life, are in a game-to-the-death and must eventually kill each other, or witness the destruction of their world. She then proceeds to brutally murder loads of people to survive this game, and protect Yuki.

After all of the carnage, she is able to have one true moment of peace and happiness, before she pretends to commit double-suicide with Yuki, so she can become God and resurrect her beloved, and finally live in happiness with him. After that brief glimpse of happiness, she finds out she can't bring Yuki back to life, and her world comes crashing down around her.
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Now, she inserts herself into the Second World, and immediately kills a different version of herself. Considering that before the death had even started, Yuno had already been driven crazy enough to commit patricide, I would imagine that all of the horrible acts of violence had to commit to protect Yuki only pushed her further over the edge. Combine that with having all of that be for nothing and Yuki dying, and then immediately having to kill a different version of herself, it is no wonder that Second World is considerably more violent and crazy than she was in the First World.
Then, after going through that hellish death game once, she is forced to do it AGAIN and this time it is even worse, because Yuki doesn't really fall in love with her like he did the first time until the very, very end. In fact, even though she has crossed dimensions, created new worlds, killed a different version of herself, and killed countless other people, Yuki is afraid of her, often disgusted by her, and constantly demonstrates that he doesn't trust her. And then, again, finally, at the end of the game, once they have brutally murdered everybody for a second time, she only gets one brief night of happiness before it's torn away.

I've found myself thinking about her story a lot since I finished it. Shit is tragic. Sorry for the incoherent rambling, it's 4:30 AM, I'm drunk and haven't slept, and I'm upset about Yuno, damn it. Felt good to type that out
ok anon Its good to rant now and again
still a 6/10 show tho
Watch better anime.

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I just read Emergence, and am truly fucking devastated.
Sure the manga made me sad a little, but i am mainly hurt by the responses i have read to the main character's suffering.
People honestly fucking make me sick with their complete lack of understanding/empathy. To place all of the blame on her is so cruel and heartless it honestly makes me want to kill myself
of course, it's fiction. but there are real-world implications here (obviously)
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slut enablers should be put to the stake.
meh, i just fapped to it and called it a day
what made her into a "slut"

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Anime confirmed
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Took them long enough, but I'll only believe it when I see a trailer
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File: 1464639063668.png (65KB, 1078x631px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love you senpai! Let's be together!
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>she already got NTR'd by Vigne
Satania looks like a cute cat.
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The best ideal girl ever.
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>demon scum
Yeah no thanks.
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Yeah, Satania is the poster girl but Vigne is the true best girl.

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Akagi is ending in February next year, after 27 years of serialization. So much for those rumors about Fukumoto planning another arc after Washizu.

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Damnit, I was really interested in where he was going to take it from there.
Can it continue under another name like Kaiji, Kurosawa and Zero?
We did it /a/. We outlived the Washizu match.

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The fact that a third season of Code Geass is coming out is surreal to me. It's almost as unlikely as a sequel to TTGL or Death Note
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It's gonna suck and you know it. That's how it has always been with good shows getting sequels after a decade.
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I feel like they have a good grasp of what people liked about it
Maybe, but it should still be entertaining.

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Volume 1 is out soon.
This manga is delicious and you should read it.
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Have any other chapters been released on the website or just the first two?
Where can I grab the raws?
I have the script for ch1 done, I just need to get off my arse and typeset it properly
Wanna do a live translation for us so we can actually get to know this series?
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Yeah, you know, sure thing.
>You know, since I have perfect vision as it is
>Well, even if you don't need them now, there's always presbyopia to be concerned about
>And most importantly, it's a job
>Since until a few days ago my job was to dig up dirt on the show-biz world for "True Stories of Entertainment", I still haven't gotten used to the lack of tension after getting suddenly tasked with an article about glasses
>Telling someone to describe the image of glasses from an outside standpoint of someone who doesn't wear them is kind of an odd task.
>Well, it's not like I know what's on the editor-in-chief's mind anyway.
>Aargh! I don't want to live my entire life as the higher-ups say!
>And you should probably speak up when you want to say something, Anzai-san!

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