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Mixing chocolate snacks with salt snacks? What the fuck is wrong with Japanese people.
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lol, is that ketchup? Who the fuck dips their chips in ketchup? I can understand ketchup flavored chips, but dipping chips in runny ketchup is retarded holy shit
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>Pocky and Chips.
>Rice and Mayo.
Japan are bonkers.
Sweet + salty is a nice combination
Sweet + sweet wine is not(considering the fact that it's written こどもわいん)
The chocolate sweetness kills the poor sweet flavor of the wine making it completely flavorless

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Thoughts on this series? Will it get axed?
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Subs are out.
We meet Souya again and afterwards Kyouko is back to hang out at Rei's place and eat his bento.
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time for autism,

I mean REAL autism
I dig how they made Souya look more weird in the anime, his walking was so slow and awkward and you don't get that kind of impression of him in the manga.
I haven't read the manga, is Souya a savant? Seems like it.

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Tell us your "good" idea that you would never share with anyone else. Everyone has one :^)

It's probably shit.
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Son of a priest is sent to college and told to mingle with people after being in boys only catholic school. Can be omnibus or harem but the boy sees these as temptations. And actively avoids women because they're after his dick and call him a coward for not following through his feelings. This can go one of three ways: he gets into a vanilla relationship with a girl who smokes, drinks and is obsessed with the occult; he gets a taste of flesh and cannot be satiated because it's satisfiying, or he opens his heart to a fellow in priesthood (ambiguous).
So it's adam and eve but the snake is also a cute tsundere girl and eve is his childhood friend
>not too distant future
>everyone uses outernet for everything
>some people choose anonymity, but most people have begun abandoning real life personas altogether
>some people form communities
>few outliers spend their time alone
>meanwhile, one faggot uses trips
>everyone beats his ass
>MC dies a virgin surrounded by pussy

big tits are for real men

flat chest are for plebs
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It's the other way around but whatever
the only reason guys like cow tits is because they have low self esteem and think a fat fuck is the best they can get so they trick themselves into thicking it looks good
I can buy them

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she wouldn't do it
This means that Lelouch was staring her dead on in the fucking eyes as he said that.
what the fuck?
He's British

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What does your waifu smell like?
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Garbage thread
Rainbow and strawberry
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Waifu for faggots without gf

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Who wins?
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Doesn't anime continuity have yamcha above perfect cell?
Yamcha easy
Yamcha is a gag character so he wins.

>Valvrave was 4 years ago
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>"we're friends"
>proceeds to sell them out to assholes who don't hesitate to murder them

Sure we are...
She only sold Haruto out. He was the only one she was handing over. It's true she refused to let the others on the ship afterward though.
I miss it

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Favorite Character and Why?
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My favorite character is, without a doubt, Erina-sama. She is just great
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The buffet is now open.

Top 10 anime of banana land (a.k.a. South America).
Please nuke us.
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i'm pretty sure it's very similar no matter where you live
What the fug
Of course beaners would love a story about breaking down walls

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All sorts of intimate things.
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I want to marry Kon.
Is this yuri?

Post everything you have of this wiener cleaner
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make me
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