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She didn't deserve it
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It could be worse.

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When was the last time you saw sudoku shown or mentioned in anime?
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A couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday in Urara.
>girl says sudoku
>subs say harakiri
In the first episode of Joker's Game

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super lovers.png
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>Leave fujo kino to me
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That's not Kino.

Where is Her google, revolver and motorcycle?

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Saki ch 170 raw; last dump was missing 6 pages
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The girls are wondering how they won with such simple advice from Teru.
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If she didn't like mahjong, why bother with us?
Maybe feeling insulted by Teru's reference to weak players.
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Teru: "I just wanted to prove it"
Sumire: "Who were you talking about with +/- zero?"
"What have you gotten out of our department?"

Was this done on purpose, or just a coincidence? Both were in episode 4. Unless 4 is the magic number for beach episodes.

Based Dogakobo and Oota Masahiko.
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All three are extremely common beach episode cliche's. Its like an hot spring episode with peeking across the divider and walking into the wrong changing room, or a sick with a cold episode where everyone comes over and makes rice porridge.
Please don't lump Yuru Yuri together with that trash
.. if people follow the three episode rule, then having a fan service episode as episode four makes sense I guess.

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Gimli confirmed for strongest.
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No daddy no.
>not Clowman, pink Elephant or Gowasu shown
It's shit

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what does /a/ think of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWC1fh5p-Zs
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I have seen this movie. It's good with nice characters and fights. The description of kshatriya in the movie sounds like saiyans from Dragonball in terms of pride and behaviour and the hanuman was the inspiration for ancient chinese character son wukong. I have heard that it is loosely based on ancient sanskrit story.
Back when I was a kid I saw a a lot of animated movies based on Indian mythology. Every single one of them was animated in India and was complete shit, except this one. I've always thought of Lord Rama as a god, but for the first time I was thinking "hey, the's cool" .The Hindi dub was pretty good too.

It's not just any story It's based upon Ramayana, the most popular mythological epic in all of India besides Mahabharata. We Hindus literally worship the MC.

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What is Japan trying to tell us, /a/?
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ftfy retard.jpg
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to be honest who the fuck wanted onodera to win?


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This is my AOTS.
I like dullahan the most though.

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Would you a Haruko, /a/?
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It's like I said: She came a space bitch, she left a space bitch. Nothing else to it.
If for some reason she wanted me to, probably, yeah.
It wouldn't be smart, but I'd do it.
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fuck, i just noticed she kind of looks like a washed up luluco. she was chasing the pirate king, luluco's mom is the pirate queen, is this some super deep lore?

i actually have a little optimism for the new season, but its probably just nostalgia

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this is luluco

say something nice about her
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she looks like a normal background character
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No she don't

Why does she have reptilian hands?

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Who let this happen?
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same people who thought duck-lips and no helmets, pilot goggles and gloves were a good idea.
Cute girls don't join the military. They marry into it.

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New chapter is out in Korean.

Two archangels appears, the 10C teamworks and Gowther is still Gowther.
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Monspiet saving Fraudrin was nice.
Didn't quite get, but why did Garan and Merascylla run away Ark when others just took it to face?

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How would you get in her pantsu?
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"bend over"
Risking death for pantsu isn't worth it.
Wait till she's gone for the day, then sneak in to her underwear drawer.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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koume doggy.png
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Who is this harlot?

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