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Chapter 3 is out
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Thought they would drop it because it got licensed

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On your knees, anon.
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Fuck you, I'm comfortable laying here on the floor.
Yes mistress
No way, I saw what happened to the last guy that you asked to do that. Fuck you boss, I quit!

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>There's discussion to revive Kemono Friends the game, Nijiyome is supposedly in talk with Kadokawa
Looks like the anime may actually save Japari Park after all.
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>tfw shitty human friend
God I fucking hope they have a brain to NOT make a R18 version out of this.
English version when? Never. Thanks.

Reminder that Cyber city is the best cyber punk anime ever made.
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Second episode was the best one.
I haven't seen it but every cyberpunk anime I've seen has been shit even the highly praised ones I'm sure this one is no different
Agreed. Gogol is so based.

Millenium detected


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I watched it too. Sorry to break this to you anon, but you're not special.
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>taking it literally

How far to Paradise? Anon

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Seems like ever show or series set in Japanese high school has these things but in reality they taste like crap
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Basically burgers/sandwhiches/pizza's on the go

it's stuffed bread in short and cheap
High school food isn't good and most high shoolers have shit taste and don't know any better.
Go to bed, Satania.

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Uncensored obi genitalia currently live on yoshikadu's stream. Ogle while you can, before lightbeam-kun gets there!

Also, Tsugumomo thread.
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Thanks for the heads-up.
By the way, it looks like he's not mirroring on Youtube anymore. It's only on FC2.
If he ever streamed nudes on youtube hed get banned. He does stream sfw stuff.

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It seems last thread didn't have enough Broliko. Let's try this again
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>Iwen is the strongest of them all
>Helles bullies Arak for being ugly
>Arak is female
>Beerus and Champa bully Quitela
>Quitela and Rumoosh don't get along
>Liquir is the most stoic and honorable of them all
>everyone bullies Sidra for being a softie and non-destructive
>Vermound is considered an annoying faggot by everyone

Calling all of these
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wew that anatomy is fucked

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Frenda fridays should be a thing.
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i made them look like you
Not half bad.
but then it would be a half-day.

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Is Rika's behavior normal for a girl her age?
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No, but all girls her age should aspire to her behavior.
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Sure, I gather a lot of girls her age do a bunch of singing and dancing. Here's another.
A. RI. SU.

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Ridiculously overlooked series
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Did the powerpuff girls had another anime?
Totally Spies?

Just finished watching NGE for the first time. Is it worth watching this? Or should I just leave the series on Episode 26's note?
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yes. watch it.
Watch it, then don't bother with the redo movies unless you simply can't get enough.
go watch it, youre doing yourself a disservice by not

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Do you think anime would be better off without fan service?
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Without Yoko TTGL is forgettable mecha.
I think some anime would be better without fanservice.
Fuck off.

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Having FINALLY figured out how to use Mega: https://mega.nz/#!QxFnADpD!0itv6w0v1BaHYQduv6fQY5CxstByb1xwREgo-RViwSA

Originals: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/c1uojhuc7er7e/Hinamatsuri
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We already had a thread that reached its natural end, stop trying to make this a general you retarded tripfag.
Stop posting.
I'm not, I'm sharing an upload that I derped on the last thread and was unable to fix because I was out all day.

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The special one shot epilogue to cap off the story! Though really it's just an advertisement for cards, more than usual
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