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What was your favorite OP of 2016 /a/?
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By far, Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town.
Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

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Well, at least now we know how Boku no Pico would look like as an old man.
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human frieza
It's because of the purple lips, isn't it?

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What manga artists do you do think have good sense of it.
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Q Hayashida
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Gonna dump a few examples that I like.

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Who was your waifu of 2016?
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The same waifu I always had Pinky.
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>seasonal waifu

How did he write this super long letter about his fight that got him killed? I'm really confused.
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Nobody? I guess nobody watches this shit.
I don't know. What it really gets me is tgat he wrote it expecting to loose despite obviously having time to plan the fight.
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Maybe he is a really fast writer.

There aren't many choices.
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We have Seiren airing.
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She's so broken I cant help to love her.
I don't think you know what the word ''waifu'' means. Please leave, newfags.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Overrated, Yangire, Marie Sue, Slut, Shitty

Gantz:O is now available worldwide on Netflix.

What's your opinion on this movie?
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I don't subscribe to Netflix.
why cant I download it from nyaa or anywhere then
No Kurono?

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Which is best?
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I like the blue one.
Mami, of course.

>cute (this is important)
>perfect wife material
>needy but that's her charm

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Fuck Shinkai,and fuck this abortion of a movie,I came her for a good story,not suicidal depression
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Read the manga. It continues past the movie ending.
that ending was a true 10/10
Thankfully the MCs found a way in Keit-Ai.

Botan-chan have no competition.
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Manga or anime
If a series started as a manga, is the general consensus that the manga is better? Or does it vary from series to series?
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I also because I've been reading a lot of manga recently, but besides a couple animes have never really watched it.
*Ask, god dammit
It depends on what you value, and it varies between series.
Usually dependent on the budget given to the anime and the studio animating.

The manga typically has better art, as the anime has to simplify the designs, or skimp on quality control to get things ready on time. But if you prefer colour to detail, you might prefer the anime anyway.

The manga has no soundtrack or voice acting, so unless the anime does one of these incredibly badly, it wins out here. Excellent VAs and music can compensate for deficiencies in other areas.

The manga usually has better story pacing, with the anime needing to cut scenes or add filler to ensure it's at a good place to stop. There are exceptions however, like the first couple of episodes of Ao no Exorcist, which were great.

And if the manga is nowhere near finished, the anime may sometimes invent its own "gecko ending" rather than end somewhere unsatisfying, and nine times out of ten it's vastly inferior to the manga. The only series I've ever seen people prefer the anime original story was FMA, and opinion is pretty divided on that.

Personally, I'd advise watching/reading both and coming to your own decision on each series.

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say something nice about this girl
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she gave me some memorable Halloween 'entertainment'

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>that fucking smirk at the end
Why does Kazuma put up with this shit?
>heh, i can definitely take THAT balls deep

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Why do people not like the ending?
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Because Nishi lost.
Someone post that human banging the giant alien.

I just re-read the manga and kek'd at that

one of my fav. charas

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