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Does anyone know if Angel's Egg is realted to Kojima's new project DEATH STRANDING?
I see tons of similarities:
>similar mood of empty world that went to shit
>characters protecting an egg / a capsule with a baby inside it
>weird tanks rolling by that are bio-mechanical
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how can anyone approve of this.png
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Gundam is so low and down in the dirt I doubt it will recover for a while, just look at that low energy and failed quality control
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>tfw no more series like gbf s1
>tfw no more late uc series
>tfw no more "au" series like turn a or g-reco
fucking sunrise
at least thunderbolt was a step in the direction even if the source material isn't that good
shame about the cgi origin stuff
>Turn A was worst AU until IBO
Can you get a trip so I can filter you, Iron Blooded Rager? We all know IBO is shit nobody disagrees with you, you can stop.

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Anime is dead
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an insult to life itself
archive that shit, faggot
At least the ai will make another season of your favourite show fast.

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Are you ok with flanderization in anime?
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Fumoffu was great, fuck off.
Fumofu was a comedic spin-off anon, that's not flanderization of a character
What does that word mean? I'm not googling it.

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What do these three have in common?
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Sodomy, I'd guess.
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the ghost gang.jpg
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the fact they don't have a fucking spinoff
Are this guys and the vampire hunters related?

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>What are you doing, anon-kun? I'm curious!
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Nutting on your pits
Mind you own fucking business oneesama
Masturbating. Wanna give me a hand?

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God damnit i watch this show to laugh, not to cry
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Secret Flowers.
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God, Saku x Himawari is so beautiful. That episode made me feel so happy. I gotta rewatch that shit. For the third time.
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I have kidnapped your loli.gif
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Is this Brolina's regular SSJ form?

Is Ayy lmao a manlet?
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you don't need a question mark, broly regular ssj had pupils normal as well

so it is her regular form
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What's his endgame?

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Is this like Madoka but for smart people?
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>lmao dude I fucked a car
>for smart people
Madoka is shit.
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mahou shoujo.jpg
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Stick to your edgy shock value crap.

Post a more likable cast of characters.
Protip: you can't.
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Beecha and Mondo alone are so shit that would ruin even the greatest cast.
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Sweet jesus would you look at that
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A little devil challenger appears!
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>ywn be as cool as this smooth motherfucker
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Next page. Looks like she's mostly moved from being creeped out by Toda to feeling sorry for his unrequited feelings.
>"Sorry Toda-kun..."
Is she saying she would have liked to hang out more if she didn't have to make an excuse?

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What's the weirdest reason you picked up a show?
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I picked up Galaxy Angel after noticing a bunch of people on #thehappening talking about it. There aren't any brown "people" so it worked out in the end.
I picked up code geass because my first fap was unknowingly Shirley
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I heard the gun I used in conscription was turned into a girl.

Post rare pictures
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Can we please have a normal fun thread this time
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Post only your best aswangs and mushrooms.
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How come today's waifu are nothing compared to her?
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Because most of them are generic cutout stereotypes for harem anime.

Pic related.
lum isn't even the best girl in her series anon
Benten, Oyuki, and Ran are all better
she has cute scenes though
Because that's what happens when industry recognizes a formula that brings in money. The Urusai Yatsura anime/movies today would probibly be made by some shit studio like Trigger or kyoani and they would be nothing like the show we know and still love today.

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Today is Ryogi Shiki's birthday

Wish her a happy birthday, /a/
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Shiki 0034.jpg
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Which Shiki is best Shiki?
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Whichever Shiki that is the one who pouts all the time.

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