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It's been 3 years now.
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At least we still have some signs of progress, unlike Haruhi.
And now the trailer gives hope for more.
What trailer?

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>great tier
>doesn't really have an overarching plot
>it's just a good slice of life in Finland
>no real impactful moments

Lucy is better IMHO. Top notch comedy, touching moments, and character growth.

Katri is like countryside Finland itself. Calm with nothing happening.

Still better that modern countryside SoLs like Non Non Biyori though.

Flone is also better. Great finale and great buildup to it.

Porfy was such a shame. It had a great buildup to the end, only to peter out in the Paris arc.

The Secret Garden is just too fucking wacky. The book wasn't a comedy. Mary is still cute though.


Bitch please that shit was great. Never before I cheered on an entire village being razed down by elephants.
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no one cares
I don't understand the author of the image, he wants you to watch old anime but he doesn't provide the names of them.
give me more nekojiru reaction images

I so fucking hate gender bending. Is basically futa in disguise.
Why Japan must ruin manga and anime with this shit?
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Who cares about what you like
>biological woman is a woman with a dick in disguise

You're a fucking retard OP.
Tanya is a female, numbnuts. Just because she has memories of a past life when she was a man, doesn't mean she's a man now. These are pretty bog standard reincarnation rules, newfag. Go read a fucking book or something. Jesus.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
The 3rd of October can't come soon enough
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You're slipping up, Koume.

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>side character chapter

Fucking skipped. Who the fuck cares? I only read this shit for smug loli teasing.
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Maybe he needs her to underpin a different arc.

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Does Shueisha still do the Tezuka Award?
If not what did they replace it with?
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Thanks, according to
Nobody has won either prize since 2003, could that be true?
Can't seem to find a newer list.

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>villain has silver hair
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>protagonist has silver hair
>Villian is canon extraordinarily handsome/pretty
>Protagonist is the "calm, collected and mysterious" type with fairly long and straight silver hair
>Is also kinda rude and prefers to be alone and avoids noisy people and places
>Is also the villain of the story

>[HorribleSubs] ClassicaLoid - 19 [720p].mkv
Ded show, ded thread.
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I stopped watching 6 episodes ago, how is the show going ?
Some part hilarious, some just alright. Still got me watching every week though.

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Queen's Blade Gets New Anime https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-02-17/queen-blade-gets-new-anime-figure-project/.112388
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So is this a reboot or set after Rebellion?
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How do you feel about the inevitable anime original ending? No truck, no best girl
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Aoi is a murderer
so-so, but I'd like an Aoi cameo anyway
Is this confirmed? The only reason I'm bothering to watch it is to see truck-chan show up.

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Ever just

wake up and realize your a side character, /a/?

maybe im autistic
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>side character

Hah. I'm barely a background character.
You're the main character of your life. But your show is shit and the side characters are more interesting.
But there's no side characters here.

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What sport does your waifu play?
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She tries marathon.
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Tennis <3
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Mai would be great at javelin throw.

I want to fuck Kon
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Right in the foxhole.
We all do

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>Ahh! Irasshai!
>Youkoso Japari Cafe!
The Suri population is believed to be only 1 to 4% of all alpacas, or at most 120,000.
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And the precous thread just died when I was about to post this.
I need that cute Scarlet Ibis and Toki translated comic

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It's alright. I certainly enjoyed it.
Fucking ass; should've just let the thread die with no replies.

Series wasn't that good. Had some good and bad but it was kinda boring. Not all that great in all honesty really.
too much edge

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