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Since Sucy's half human, according to the official site, will we ever find out what her other half is?

also, post elves
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elves are for ____
Half human, half Pinoy.
>will we ever find out what her other half is?

Yea her other half is a filthy Pino

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Now that Jobin manned up for once and actually did something to get rid of the tooth, how do you think Gappy will manage to save the day now?

This redesign still doesn't fit right with me. Speed King's design itself still doesn't fit right with me. What the fuck even IS Speed King?
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Speed King is a beetle, mecha, motorcycle. whuts to get?
I hope Jobin isn't going to be the main villain if his stand is that ugly
Who else thought Kyo was the one on the motorbike that Diego'd the zombie?

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And with this, Rituals were made great again!
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The Real game may have been saved now but the Vidya is now DEAD
What's that? Now you need to use links to get more extra deck zones?

Leave it to me
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Why is Yusaku so cute?

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Time for Schoolgirls lolis.
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You know, it took longer than three episodes, but it grew on me now.
Are those yuris?

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What was her problem?
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She was being harassed by a creepy stalker
>Trans:When I mentioned to a staff member that I eat much less than I used to,they said "Kubo-san,I've always been curious You always choose the big size cup ramen. Is the regular size not enough?"I'm not a huge eater but maybe this is a problem...
Those lucious lips were wasted on Georgi's middle school kissing technique.

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Aqua " Turn undead!"
Ainz Ooal Gown "Oh no, plz."
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*Acts like it has no effect.
oh no he has a world class item and 2301790 cash shop items that negate holy damage.

just going by the logic of the author here
*teleports behind u*
nothing personal kid

Is she a brocon?
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i'm honestly surprised she played it off. i thought it would become MISUNDERSTANDINGS the anime
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I'd produce offspring with Tooru!
she's my muteki megami fuck off!

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What is the appeal of /ss/?
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An experienced but motherly woman tenderly corrupting a young man.
>motherly woman tenderly corrupting a young man
Something doesn't add up here.
I just like how forward they are...

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>wake up from death and see this

wat do?
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unzip dick
what's the deal with kazuma's "i want to be reborn" shit?
tell her to fucking learn other magics instead of being a retard whose quirks let her party in deep shit half of the time because she's fucking useless

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SAO Ordinal Scale.png
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Just watched this, fresh off the world premiere.
Ask me anything.
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How was the animation?
Is it good compared to Kimi no Na Wa or Kono Seki no Katasumi Ni?
Did you enjoyed watching it?

Say something nice about my wife /a/
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She's not your wife, she's one of my bunny wives.
Not a bad fuck as long as you wear some earplugs.
I bet her cute, tiny, soft, slender toes would feel really good on my dick, she could even dig around under my foreskin with them and I bet it wouldn't even hurt and feel amazing.

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Anyone else felt bad for Arche? Every part of her body was used and eaten and her poor little sisters which she cared so much and did dangerous jobs to keep them fed and happy were sold as sex slaves.
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What are you talking about op. Arche is living happily with shalltear. She's not actually dead.
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No. Reason, we are not moralfags.

Anyway I thought we already agreed that the workers arc is nothing more then world building.

Personally I view that arc is nothing more the left over of the web novel.
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She is totally dead Anon. Stop the dream and face Ainz-sama's bone world.

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Yamakan wants to save anime. Give him your best anime ideas.
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Panties will save anime
Youjo Senki remake: Fixed animation, fixed design, less edgy way of adaptation

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ITT: Keikakus
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I just want to fight Shinka
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I just want to be Shinka
Don't do it, anon, Shinka could break a man in half without even trying.
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But can she beat Mai?

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